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Spring Equinox Affects on Love & spirituality

The key word of spring is creation. Spring is a rebirth of stored energy that has been hibernating since the winter, this will be expressed and start a new beginning and bring positive changes, and opportunities. it will Last from 1-2 weeks before also after the exact time of the Spring equinox.

On the first day of spring the sun moves away from the intuitive water sign of Pisces and enters into the fierce, creative fire sign of Aries.

The astrology sign Aries symbolizes new beginnings, an

d bringing to life things to start to grow.

The first day of spring, awakens nature that brings in fresh new light into the atmosphere. In the spring, we experience a rebirth in both, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, we gain new life. Springtime affects your spirit; you are affected by nature, every spring you have a chance to be regenerated again, reborn from the stillness and quietness of winter.

Spring brings in a new light into our life, after the dark ending of winter the light from the sun starts to shine brighter and stronger. It’s a time of letting go of the people, places, thoughts and events that no longer serve a purpose for us, and that do not serve us for our highest good.

It’s also very common for soulmates, twin flames and divine partners to rekindle during this time because the spring equinox brings in such a new energy with the sun and light.

Love relationships start off fresh and open new energies of love and romance to emerge into our lives.

The spring equinox brings you the energy to grow, physically, and spiritually. It’s a great time to set goals, and plans, because spring gives us the energy and strength to achieve them.

The spring equinox also brings a sense of harmony into our life, because The length of the day and night are equal. Therefore, there is equal light and darkness on earth in this time. It inspires us to achieve balance in our life.

It is a powerful illuminating event. After the spring equinox, there is more light, the days are getting longer. Spring is the period when new life starts. The animals are reproducing. And the plants start to flower. Nature starts to wake up from the sleepy winter. Being filled with life and bustle.

We can enter a spiritual awakening of inspired changes, just like the trees and flowers begin to grow after the dark and cold winter, so it the time that past love relationships like soulmates, twin flames and divine partners find themselves wanting to rekindle and reunite to start a new season of chances in the future.

Spring Cleaning

Embrace this spring time equinox by: decluttering and spring clean your homes, get rid of those toxic habits, thoughts and even those people that make you feel less! It’s not just physical stuff, decluttering makes your mind feel more open and free!!! It’s also about being mindful and being in the present moment.

Getting Out Into Nature!

Many studies have found that by simply getting out into nature have an immediate and easy way to improve your mood. Nature is therapy.


It’s also very important to prepare the body for nature’s new beginning. Eating more healthier foods is such a wonderful way to show your body self-care. Try to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Try not to eat so much processed and commercialized foods. But instead eat wholesome and fresh foods.

Get more physical activity as well is another great self-care tip. Try being more active and getting in at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity into your routine 3-4 times a week. Find something you really enjoy, like weight lifting, circuit HITT training, or even kickboxing. Whatever it could be, and you’ll notice your body feeling stronger and you will love the physical results!!

Heal & Let Go

It’s time to just forgive and forget, I know sometimes its difficult when person hurts you and either does or say something that seems to be unforgivable. But, it’s time to move forwards and let go. You can even tell the person that you forgive them and you let go of the past. And really feel it in your heart, this is the first step of healing and letting go.

“Rest and self-care are so important, when you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow, you cannot serve from an empty vessel.” –Eleanor Brownn


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