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Types of Soul Connections

Soulmates and twinflames are 2 different concepts that we have been using to describe soul connections. But much confusion has arisen from trying to understand the difference between one another. There are 3 different types of soul connections, and all three of them are karmic. These soul connections are soulmates, karmic soulmates and twinflames.


Now the word soulmate alone gives us the basic meaning of what a soulmate is. For instance, a soul is your immortal aspect, what’s part of you internally and a mate is someone whom you may associate with. You can have a number of them and they can be a friend, family, classmate, coworker or even a spouse.

Soulmates are sent to us for a reason, to help grow and balance karmic energies that may have bonded you. Soulmates incarnate lifetimes until these karmic bonds are at balance.

Karmic Soulmates

Karmic connections often get confused with twinflames. A karmic connection is neither your soulmate nor twinflame. Karmic connections are souls that you have unfinished business with from a past life. You have a strong, magnetic attraction to this person, like a piece of iron to a magnet. But that does not mean you will get along with your karmic soulmate.

Karmic relationships are most often unpleasant and experience fights, abuse and arguments. They also depend on the types of actions karma happened between you and them in the past live. These types of relationships often never end up with each other unless both are willing to make the relationship work.

Just like a soulmate, a karmic soulmate is sent to you to help learn and grow, and the one with the stronger feelings in the karmic relationship is the one who has the biggest learning lesson to attain. The main goal in this type of attraction is to balance the karma between each other.


A twinflame or twinsoul is literally the other half of your soul. In the very beginning your soul was created and was made up of 2 souls, one feminine and one masculine. This was so that you always have a companion that is energetically part of you. Due to the separation of these two souls your mind unconsciously is always searching for this connection.

You will find that your twinflame is like a complete duplicate of yourself, like a reflection in the mirror. When with your twinflame you will have a feeling of completeness which will never die, and you will be into complete acceptance with yourself on every level. This type of connection is like love at first sight.

They may go through all sorts of chaos and negativity until they unite. If not subconsciously aware or becomes emotionally afraid of the connection the runner and chaser roles begin. The runner is the one that is afraid and chooses to run away from this connection. They try to move on in life. The chaser tries chases after the runner and does anything they can to get the runner back. Once the runner realizes that the chaser is their life the runner then becomes spiritually awakened. Then finally can unite, and once they unite they can leave this planet as one. They are together forever.

A one on one psychic reading with me can help give you a broader understanding and a more clear insight onto your love relationship. I will use the best of my abilities to help guide and advise you onto your situation and where it is headed.

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