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10/10 Powerful Gateway Awakening Twin Flames

The 10th day of October (10/10) unlocks a powerful gateway of energy that is all about taking steps in a new direction.

It is also a powerful manifestation number that we can use to turn our dreams into reality!

October 10th, unlocks a powerful gateway of energy that we are all going to have access to. It’s important that we Use this day to take actionable steps forward so we can live the life that we desire.

1010 Angel & Numerology Meaning

In terms of numerology and angel numbers, 10 is a very significant number. It marks the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, through circling back to number 1. It also represents a fresh start, a new cycle and 0 represents the alpha-omega, the death-rebirth cycle, and our interconnectedness with the divine! When we enter the 10:10 Gateway, we are entering into a rapid transformation both physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Also, be prepared for ending some very significant phase or season of your life. It’s very likely that you’re coming to an end on a karmic cycle and wrapping up that energy frequency.

10:10 Awakens Twin flames & Ends Separation

It can also signify a time where you are coming to a spiritual awakening, especially for divine partners like twin flames and soulmates! They can finally come to reunion during the 10:10 gateway portal.

If you’re seeing the numbers 1010, your higher self is trying to signal you, sending you messages about what you should do and know about your own spiritual awakening and with your twin flame relationship. If you’re seeing these numbers a lot, the universe is really trying to get this message across to you. You’re about to end a major phase of your personal and twin journey and begin a major new chapter. You are about to exit the separation phase and begin the reunion phase!

1010 is an energetic gateway that will manifest your intentions into reality, bringing the divine partners together.

The numbers 1010 meaning for a twin flame relationship is special because it shows that both partners are finally ready to be reunited after being separated for what might seem like an eternity.

The 1010 gateway is powerful for dreaming your intentions, goals, and plans to turn into reality. Our thoughts and intentions are now creating our reality. This energy from the 10:10 gateway will amplify anything your thinking about, even making it your path. Stay aligned with where you want to be, and importantly who do you want to be? It’s important that we are looking within and finding who we really are during these times.

But mainly, the most important thing is not to over think, but instead allow the Universe to bring everything into place as it is meant to be in your life.

On 10/10 or October 10th, 2021 it’s a good idea to meditate, focusing on positive affirmations, this helps with attracting the positive in your life, as many of you know the laws of attraction, this is a very special time to get involved with spirituality, but most importantly love yourself and keep a positive mind.

You may also get visions, or prophetic dreams during the 1010 gateway portal.

Live your life in the here and now, continue to move forwards with your spiritual journey. There is a master plan about to happen with perfect timing and divine light.

Happy 1010!


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