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Manifest Twin Flame Union (This works for Soulmates too!!)

Twin flame connections are the highest form of spiritual partnership, your twin flame reunion was orchestrated by yourself, your twin, and your guides before you were even born! But! You have to be at the right level of spiritual awareness for a twin flame meeting to occur,

1. Work On Being The Best Version Of Yourself

Manifesting your twin flame and soulmate really begins when you start working on yourself, aligning yourself with your soul purpose is a great way to start. When you are aligned with the universe you are living the version of your best self. This creates the space for the twin flame union and meeting your soulmate as well!

2. Know Yourself!

Know yourself on a level that’s so deep you’re not looking for validation from others, or other people’s approval. You have to know yourself as the goddess, or god that you are. You are tuning into the higher self-esteem, trusting that you alone are enough to fill yourself.

3. Being Full Of Abundance

It starts when you come from a place of abundance, you see the world as your twin flame, and you’re not looking at others and asking yourself “is this the one?” “Are you my twin flame?” instead you are simply just full of deep love, deep love for yourself, love for the planet, and for everyone.

Do not run those old fantasy stores, thinking things like “if my twin flame or soulmate comes then my life will be perfect.” Those kinds of thoughts are only going to attract a twin flame or soulmate counterfeit, karmic soulmates or false twin flames.

***It’s all about falling in love with yourself, and stepping into your higher self.***

4. Being Willing To Live Your Life Without Meeting Them

Now I know this sounds totally wrong, but! Hear me out okay!! I’m not saying you’ll never meet them, quite the opposite actually. By allowing yourself to let go of expectations, and wanting to be with your twin flame, you instead focus on becoming as close to whole as possible, and what that means is you’re not wanting or needing outside materials to make what’s inside of you feel better. The void you may have in your heart is instantly full, you allow god to fill that void and heal your wounds. Instead you trust the process, trust in god, and then your twin flame reunion will come.

Avoid judging your twin. They are going through their own process. Probably as difficult as yours. Their actions are mirror images of the stage you are currently at, they show you what you need to change in yourself, in your life.

The only reliable measure that shows if you get closer or further from the union with your twin flame is the measure of your own happiness and fulfillment.


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