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November 11 Gateway Love & Twin Flames

Get ready because on November 11th, there will be a spiritual gateway, and it will be very powerful!! This gateway will be making our thoughts come to reality, and will help soulmates and twin flames align with each other, helping them come to an awakening on all 7 chakras, root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra.

November is the 11th month and on 11/11th the universe comes together to give us the ultimate spiritual wakeup call.

On this day, 11/11 it is the year’s most heightened gateway of manifestation, being that 1 is the number of new beginnings, planting and spreading seeds, to reap in the material world, and 1111 quadruples this energy.

Since mercury’s shadow phase is finally over now, so much energy has been felt around the world, and we can now settle down now, giving us time to rest, reflect, and go within and spend some time focusing on what we want and who we are.

The Numbers 11:11 Represents Two Separate Souls Coming Together To Create A Sacred Twin Flame Union

For twin flames, as 11 is a single number made up of two separate digits, it represents two lovers as equal whole beings, who join together as two individual beings at the exact same time, as a singular entity.

Whenever we see 11-11 it means our Twin flame is manifesting itself deeper spiritually in our life.

We need to be aware of the meeting spiritual energies with our twin flame and Soulmate that is going to take place. We may get a certain feeling that something big is about to happen, and experience intense energies, making us feel emotional, vulnerable, but also very intuitive and aware. The main thing though is not to obsess over this, but just allow everything to take place as it needs to in our life.

Communication Becomes More Clear

Also, the 11:11 gateway portal gives twin flames and even soulmates that are separated to communicate more clearly, because it holds specific vibrations that will activate you with your higher self through the purest form of love.

***Also for others that may be single, or just ended a relationship, this 11/11 gateway will help bring new love and romance back into their lives! ***

Taking The Mask Off

The 11/11 gateway urges for self-love and to be your authentic self. It wants us to get out of our egos, and stop pretending to be something were not. When we do this – self-love, loving all parts of ourselves good or bad, we are making our way back to love, and thus we are helping union with our twin flame. We are all meant to reunite with our twin,

11/11 Urges Self Love

It’s so important to give our own self-love. Doing things make your mind, body and soul happy like exercising, eating healthy, getting a facial or massage, and accentuating your beauty. When you make yourself look polished you automatically make your body happy and it will thank you for it!

***it’s so important we do not talk negative or down to ourselves! ****

Spiritual Insights during 11/11

Also, 11/11 is a very powerful energy transition. It represents an awakening that is opening up for different types of psychic energies. We may get clearer insights on situations that have been boggling our minds for a while. We may get them thru visions or dreams. It’s an excellent time for giving or getting a psychic reading, crystal healing, meditate, and reiki.

Intuition Will Be Enhanced

We all have psychedelic gifts, but many of us have not developed them and because November 11th is a very empowering time, this will make our intuition stronger and clearer to hear, and will also help bring enlightment and spiritual gifts from above.

One of the main messages 11/11 gives us is to pay attention to our thoughts and what we want, because the universe is aligning itself with us so that we can find the things that we want and the things that are meant for us.

But the main thing for the 11/11 gateway is not to stress yourself about this but just allow everything to happen naturally.


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