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Lions Gate Portal What It Is & It's Affects On Love and Soul Connections

Every year, On the 8th day of the 8th month we begin a new lunar cycle under the presence of what’s known as the Lions Gateway Portal and it will last from August 8th to August 12. This can make for some high vibrational, cosmic energy that will allow all of us to connect with our own inner lion-energy.

The numbers, 88 represents infinity, spiritual intelligence, and DNA activation.

This lion’s portal gateway is marked by an arrangement between the Earth and the star Sirius (Sirius is the brightest star we can see and also double the size of our sun, and can be known as our “Second sun”.)

The star Sirius is a major source of spiritual light and represents fertility and abundance.

This cosmic alignment is called the Lion’s Gateway, or Lion’s gate because it happens when the sun is in the astrological sign of Leo (which represents the Lion), and Leo is associated with the heart center and shows the expression of the Divine.


The Lion’s Gate energy is all about more fully awakening your Divine Light and holding the Divinity within a physical form. It also triggers our soul center and awakens a deep energy inside our core to a much higher level where we begin to purge and release negative energies and emotions.

Leo New Moon

This lion’s gate is even more special because it happens to coincide with a New Moon (which will be in Leo,) and so having a New Moon can amplify the energy of the portal, making it turbo-charging its effects and our ability to manifest.

***Regardless of our zodiac sign, we will all be feeling the Leo energy!!!****

Lions gateway Portal Affects On Soulmates & Twinflames

But! For Divine soulmates and twin flames, it will bring intense energy shifts. It may be very negative but at the same time, will result into a positive outcome.

There will be a lot of shadows coming to the surface. We will be letting go and healing past wounds, traumas, experiences, releasing unwanted patterns but also manifesting a positive transformation of our higher self.

You may even find yourself noticing that your feelings are more sensitive during this time, especially when it comes to your love relationships. During this time, its best to try to hold off any deep discussions to avoid arguments. It’s also recommended to practice calming exercises and focusing on love and light during the entire time of the lion’s gateway

Past Loves Coming Back to You

During this time of Lion’s gate and even a few weeks after, it’s very common that we can encounter some old flames from our past to come up. There may be different reasons on why they are coming back to us, but ultimately it is to heal, get closure, and even reconcile.

The Veils Between The Physical World & Spiritual World Will Be Thin During This Time!

Also, our psychic abilities are intensified during this gateway. We might get visions, strange dreams\nightmares and seeing signs like repetitive numbers and random feathers on the floor. It’s good to write all of what you see during this portal down in a journal and meditate on them, they can bring a big message or information that you need to know

Self-Care So You Can be Open to New Energies

Big transformation is coming, it’s important that you take good care of yourself like eating healthy foods, keeping active like exercising, take a hot bath, drinking lots of water and getting more sleep in. By doing so it will help you keep your inner peace.

This lion’s gateway portal and Leo New Moon is not about playing small or going back to what is comfortable. It is about being brave, letting go of ego, releasing and surrendering to the things we cannot control. It is also about owning all of who we are, being proud of where we have come from, and confident in our journey of what lies ahead.

Leo energy is very heart-centered and heart-driven. So stay out of ego, and allow your heart to be your guide.


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