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Why You Shouldnt Wait On Your Twin Flame (This Can Help For Soulmate Relationships TOO!)

Most often twin flames come into a phase called “The runner and chaser phase” or “the runner and stayer phase.” This is where one twin (most often it’s the divine masculine) will begin to run from the other twin, (who is most often the divine feminine.) It doesn’t always have to be in that order, it can change and be reversed.

But it can be extremely painful for the chaser, or stayer. It hurts them deep in their core. But! It doesn’t have to be this way!!

What the Running & Chasing Actually Means

First of all when one twin is running, they are not ready, and if one twin isn’t ready than that actually means BOTH twins are not ready. When one twin flame is running then it’s actually BOTH twins are running in their own way. If one twin flame ha inner work to do, then that actually means BOTH the twin flames have inner work to do!!

For instance, to say that you are waiting for your twin flame to wake up and stop running comes 100% from your ego, and it implies that you have no inner work to do! And that you’re actually saying you’re more advanced than your twin and that is not true!!

All of our relationship show and teach us something, BUT! Our twins show us so much more. Twin flames show us EVERYTHING about ourselves that needs healing, to be worked on, released, and changed in ourselves. It’s really up to each of us to understand that really our relationships with our twins is about doing the inner work, and that separation from our twins is not about waiting!!

***It isn’t about if your twin is in the right place at the right time. It’s about YOU being in a place of joy! ***

Instead, be the person you want your twin to be!! Be in that vibration to attract it to you.

What You Do for You is Also Felt by Your Twin Flame

Separation from your twin flame does not equal to waiting, instead it equals to focusing on your personal growth, and joy. Everything that you do for you influences your twin, including loving another and completing lessons, karma, and soul contracts. All of your efforts of your inner work, joy, and personal growth are all felt by your twin flame through your connection that you two share, and actually helps your twin flame to work thru their own issues!

Which then draws you two closer! This all happens so naturally after, you don’t have to force or try to control or interfere in your twin flame’s lives to make this happen. It all just happens naturally as you place your focus on you and your joy, and growth in the NOW moment.

Remember What You Say is What You Can Attract!

Your twin flame is your mirror and is showing you all your inner wounds, and shadows that you need to work on. So when they are running from you, and when you say or think to yourself, “my twin is not ready,” or “my twin is running from me.” What you’re actually saying is “I am not ready for reunion,” or I am aware of it, but I am unable to accept and face it so I’m projecting it onto my twin.” Be mindful of those thoughts and words!! What you think and say, you actually attract. Instead, switch your thoughts and words to something different like “My twin flame will come to me at the right timing.”

Being Genuinely YOU!

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about showing up and being your authentic self, showing up with all your flaws, quirky traits, imperfections, and your recognition of areas in which you could grow. It’s about acceptance of who you are, right now.

Reunion for twin flames physically, solely relies on both twin flames doing their inner work necessary to reunite. That process that most twin flames go thru with that dance of union and separation or running and chasing, is actually to wake us up and show us our shadow sides, so we can become self-aware enough to tackle our inner work in the first place.

Release & Surrender

This is your responsibility! If you find yourself waiting on your twin flame and feeling frustrated by the things you are doing, know that it is your beliefs and choices which led to that extended wait and frustration. The best way to fix this is by releasing those beliefs and choices that you have been holding on to. Release and surrender to the outcome of your twin. Lift your vibration and keep it at a higher level, this will accelerate the process with healing and manifestation of your connection with your twin flame.

***Remember this spiritual Journey you are on with your Twin flame is all about healing & forgiving!!***

Now I know this can be very sensitive and triggering to a lot of twin flames, (I’ve been there so I understand.) but its okay to let them go where they need to go. You’re not trying to control them, manipulate them by talking to you, or maybe even stalking their social media or just wandering what they’re doing all day, no instead you are letting them be, you’re allowing them to do what they need to do, so that way they can come back to you! But for now you are letting them go, and you are working on yourself, healing your inner child, and forgiving and letting go of grudges, hurts, and experiences.


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