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Separated From Twin Flame On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and your divine counterpart is all you’re thinking of. Whether you are in union or not, I am here to share with you how to enjoy this season.


Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and you have to first learn to love yourself, whether you’re single, married or separated from your twin flame.


Most of what we know about romance comes from the outside media and is depicted as very passionate and intense. But, I’m here to tell you romance isn’t just about that. Actually, it’s just the opposite, it’s gentle, loving, and caring.


Romance is constant giving of love and care to yourself.

You give yourself what you need, proper food, baths, staying active like going for walks, and it’s just about loving your life into betterment. It comes from inner desire to know yourself, what you actually love and don’t love, and you give it to yourself. You do all of this, without waiting for someone else to do it for you. 

 Romance has to come from you!

That is simply because your twin flame will keep mirroring you and the romance you give to yourself or not. To become highly attractive to your twin flame you will need to raise your vibration of romance in your life.


Your twin flame is always going to be your valentine, regardless of the situation. They’re your divine compliment and lover, and they are ever loving you by reflecting the state of your shared consciousness.


So above all, just love yourself! Give yourself a spa day, go for a mani & pedi (that’s where I’ll be,) give yourself a facial, treat yourself to a massage, say no when you feel like it, and most of all have boundaries. True love for yourself is choosing to see the good and refusing to let others bring you down. It’s gifting yourself forgiveness and accepting yourself for all your beautiful and maybe not so great quirks and qualities you have.

So, on February 14, it doesn’t matter what do, just as long as you love yourself and raise your vibration. This is your time and you deserve it!





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