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How The Full Moon Affects Love & Relationships

A full moon l

ands Wednesday on October 20th, 2021 and it will be in one of my favorite zodiacs, Aries! The main influence on the full Moon on October 20 has Mars in Libra squared with Pluto in Capricorn. Like all full moons, it can make us feel vulnerable, emotional, and can also make us intense in our desire to succeed to the point of becoming aggressive and ruthless.

The Aries Full Moon Can Make Us feel Fearful & Indecisive

If you are faced with making some tough decisions under this Full Moon, think about where the fear may be guiding your decisions, and see if any of that fear is justified or simply linked to insecurities from your past.

Aries Full Moon Gives Us Motivation

The energy from the Aries full moon can give us the energy that gives us great determination, make us more affirmative, competitive, it’s a great time to take advantage of this energy and use it to finish projects, go after your dreams and passions, and share your ideas in work.

Affects On Love & Relationships

For some of us, we have more interest in our partner during this time because there is such increased gravitational pull. We are more romantic, extroverted, and intimate and connected during this time.

But! Be mindful the energy of this full moon especially for love and relationships. For it can stir up some conflicts, and hostility. To avoid this, try to focus your mind on your work and home projects. Find methods of release and expression like kickboxing, dancing, singing, taking long walks, art projects, and cooking.

***What’s important is that you let these emotions out instead of storing them inside you to collect and, ultimately, explode. ***

Release & Surrender To The Things We Cannot Control Full Moons are helping us release energy, where the new Moon is actually helping us set the intention and plant new seeds of light. It’s time for surrendering and letting go of what’s no longer serving us like people, experiences, thoughts, and most importantly the things we cannot control. If there is something, or someone in your life that always makes you feel sad, nervous, upset, or just drains your energy than its time to fade from them. For family and work I know it’s a little bit of a touchy subject, but trying not to pay attention to that person, not letting them have control over your emotions, and imagine you are in a bubble and they cannot hurt you can really help you energetically and emotionally.

When you release and surrender to the things you do not have control over you, you allow yourself to be free, and happy. Sometimes holding on to the things we can’t control can cause us to feel stressed and depressed.

But ultimately, with all these intense energies, the full moon can bring us spiritual insights, clarity, wisdom, and healing.


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