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Surviving The Holidays Without Your Twin flame\Soulmate

Christmas time is here. It's a time for family, friends and loved ones to get together exchange gifts, express love, do holiday activities, and show gratitude to the ones we most appreciate in our lives. But unfortunately, commercialism has taken over the true meaning of Christmas and we become wrapped up with the image of Santa, holiday shopping and presents.

But It s really the time of year for expressing what truly is manifested in our hearts by giving gifts, showing gratitude and expressing love. Many of the times that feeling of love can make us think that we need to be in a romantic relationship during the holidays, and truly that is not the case. It's okay to not have a romantic partner during the holiday season or even if you are in a current relationship to be apart from your spouse\partner during this time you can still enjoy the holidays.

During the holiday season when Soulmates and Twin flames are apart they may feel very discouraged, bitter, hopeless, angry, and even depressed, making them feel negative about Christmas and new years.

They may go through a lot of life challenges notably during the holiday season so Twin flames and soulmates have to stay strong and embrace the holiday festivities and be in the holiday spirit during this time. They have to enjoy this time of year so they can make their love vibrations to higher energy levels as they fill up their heart chakra with love for each another.

Also, once we get our focus off ourselves and on to other things, it can make Christmas time enjoyable again. Here are some tips on surviving the holiday season without your twin flame or soulmate.

Go To Holiday Parties

Holiday dating is a great time for singles, People are more emotionally available and you can connect better with everyone. Get invited to as many holiday parties as you can or even have one yourself and make it like a potluck dinner where everyone brings a dish or make a game night. You will meet many new people by going out to parties and any other kind of social events.

Help Someone In Need

The holidays are a wonderful time to make a difference in someone's life and make them feel loved. One of the most valuable gifts we can give someone is our time. Try volunteering at a homeless shelter to help those in need. Or even try spending time with a close friend or relative over a cup of coffee or lunch. Show someone you care. This will greatly benefit both of you.

Treat yourself

Make the holiday season all about you! Do something to upgrade your life and Give yourself a treat, use the money that you would have used on a present for your ex and spend it on yourself to something that makes you feel beautiful, and brings your spirits up. Try joining a new gym and start a new fitness routine. Exercise can do wanders for a person, it can benefit you by releasing all the negative energy you may be feeling, puts endorphins in your brain, even make new friends, but not only that your body will look and feel better too! Another great thing to do is go for a mini make over or massage, get a new hair cut, or even go on a shopping spree for yourself.

Watch Christmas Movies

Relax at home, sip hot coca and Watch some Christmas movies. Whether it be elf, The National Lampoon's vacation, The Grinch or even the classics. Watching Christmas movies can definitely put you in the holiday spirit, make you feel happy and laugh. But do avoid the romantic comedies.

Do Activities With Friends

Enjoy holiday activities with your friends, go ice skating with them, do some holiday shopping, build a snowman or even take fun pictures with Santa. Going out with friends always makes things fun, just remember not to stick with the ones that drain your energy and make you feel less of person. Those kinds are very toxic. Instead, Surround yourself with friends that make you happy and influence you to do better in your life.

Decorate Your Surroundings

Feel at ease when you are at home and alone, decorate your house with a comfy and safe vibe. Or you can even decorate your office too.

Start New Traditions

Create new traditions for yourself, try something different. Go for a quick run in the morning, or sip hot cocoa with your mom while you two make Christmas cookies.

Be Creative and Get Into Arts and Crafts

Get into Arts and crafts. They can be a very therapeutic way to clear away your mind of all the worries and stress you may have going on in your life. make something like a ginger bread house, you can have fun creating it and then you can eat it after!

Make New Memories

Make new memories and plan a weekend trip with a friend. Even try to go after New year's eve, go somewhere fun or even a cruise. That way you have something to look forward to throughout the holiday season.

Make New Year's Resolutions

Make New year's resolutions! Being single gives you more freedom to make decisions without having to worry about anyone else. Set new goals for yourself that will leave you with the feeling of fulfillment. It can even be small goals, just take this as an opportunity to do all the things that you enjoy.

Practice Answering Questions On Why You Are Single

When going out to events that you used to attend with your partner or spouse, people may wonder why they're not with you, so practice how you will answer them. It's important because most of the times getting asked those kinds of questions can give an awkward silence or a feeling of being sad and lonely. So to avoid this just practice on how you can answer them to avoid any anger, hostility or judgment. You can just answer them very neutral and something that's very short and to the point like "we just didn't work out" or "I'm just single these days."

Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ

Honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, Jesus is what really Christmas is all about because it is the day he was born. Be grateful for god's gifts he has bestowed. This represents love, so start sending the positive love vibration out, share love with everyone around you. People need love so don't be afraid to shine your light!

Life is very full of adventure, fun, laughter, change, success, and most importantly love. Just try to spread love this holiday season whether you're in a relationship, single, or married. We have so much to look forwards to when we stop focusing on the past and put it on the hope of tomorrow and what is to come.

Embrace this holiday season, enjoy yourself, have fun and play games, it's ok if you don't meet that special someone or are not with your loved one at this time and, due to the great attitude you’ve brought during the holiday season you’re definitely going to meet your soul mate or twin flame the next year!

Life is all about attitude and mindset, and you're going to have that great attitude that attracts all love and positive energy. It's going to get easier for you; and you're going to be attractive, friendly, open and draw in great people in your life. This is going to move you forwards to a wonderful 2016!

I wish you all to have a wonderful merry Christmas and happy new year's full of joy, love, peace and prosperity.

Love and light,


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