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Tips For Surviving Valentine's Day Without Your Twinflame\Soulmate

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s a beautiful holiday celebrating all love and relationships. It's a day of celebrating romance and a time when people show their love and affection to one another. This day is celebrated all over the world and was derived from many different legends like the defiance of saint valentines, the feast of lupercus and the belief that it is the beginning of mating season for birds.

Many people go out to dinner with their spouse\partner or they will even shower them with gifts of flowers, stuffed bears, and heart shaped candies. The majority of people you see celebrating this holiday are all happy couples. This can also lead a person who is single, or going through a break up, or maybe even separated from their soulmate\twin flame to feel very sad, depressed, lonely, and even bitter too.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way!!! We can still enjoy ourselves celebrating Valentine’s Day without a soulmate or twin flame! This holiday isn’t just for couples, it’s a wonderful time for us to show love to everyone in our life, especially to the ones we love and appreciate - the ones that matter most. We can show love to our friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, vet, even our doctors and dentists, show love to our pets, and of course to ourselves!!! Here are some tips to help you get through valentine’s day.

Don’t hate your marital status

If you are finding yourself asking yourself “When will I ever find my soulmate or twin flame??” Instead do this, try embracing your current situation regardless if you’re single, separated, or married, love yourself and make embrace the now moment! It is so important to take this time to prepare for your soulmate/twin flame and make changes to the future. Use this time to better yourself, declutter your spaces so new energy can come in, and love yourself! There are some people who hate being single and married, but no one wants to be alone, but for the singles this is their time to prepare and balance before you settle down.

Show yourself some love!!

Make it a weekend event start with a spa day, take a hot bath with lavender and rose petals. Give yourself a facial, pedicure and manicure. Get a massage and (this one is my favorite) treat yourself to a fancy hot cup of coffee. You could even splurge a little on your favorite foods, like order from your favorite restaurant, or indulge a little Valentine’s Day candy. Eat the foods you enjoy and crave on Valentine’s Day.

Or you can do something for yourself that will make you feel good and make your future self thank you for, like drinking a green smoothie, do a good sweat session and get some exercise!! One of my favorites is taking a nice long walk in the park with my favorite Pandora stations, or try an online fitness class, you can find tons of them on YouTube for free or even on Zumba.

Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone is different and we are all unique in our own ways. Let go of those negative comments and rude remarks anyone’s ever said to you. Let it go, they don’t matter, whenever someone has something mean and hateful to say to you, it’s usually their problem, not yours. They want to bring you down like they are. So instead try to find something you like about yourself and accentuate it. Listen to happy music, be loving and gentle to yourself, and be your own BFF!!

When you show yourself love with healthy eating and exercise, it also enhances your spiritual energy! Eating healthy is the ultimate self-love. Not only will you notice a difference on how you feel, but on how you look too! It doesn’t matter what you do on February 14th, just love and indulge yourself. This is your time and you deserve it!

Spiritual Mirror Exercise

This Valentine’s Day start the spiritual mirror exercise every morning, afternoon and evening. Try it, look into your eyes, and tell yourself exactly what you love and appreciate about you, try not to criticize or say anything negative, this exercise is bring your spirit up not down.

Positive Affirmations

Also affirmations are such a powerful tool to help attract love, and attract your twin flame or soulmate. Self-love affirmations can clear out low self-esteem and past negative issues or wounds that may have been stuck in your e DNA, your cells, your aura, and subconscious. In order to vibrate at a twin flame or soulmate love, you must first heal and get rid of all of these toxins from your past, and using affirmations are such a great way to do so!!

Accepting and loving yourself is so so important!! Even if you’re single, you’re in a relationship with your body. Start to become grateful for your body, and acct loving towards it.

As with all other law of attraction efforts, attracting love, and your twin flame or soulmate depends mainly on what your energy vibrates. What you believe and how you think is the energy you vibrate.

So if you’re constantly thinking things like “I’m not pretty, I’ll never find someone, or it’s impossible for me and my twin flame to be together.” Well then those thoughts are far more likely to happen. Not only does the negative manifest itself into reality, but the negative is also picked up by others and they will be subconsciously be pulled away by the energy.

Instead, look into a mirror and tell yourself things like “I am beautiful.” And “I love myself and embrace all my imperfections and flaws.” For attracting your soulmate and twin flame you could say things like “I am reuniting with my twin flame in divine timing.” “Divine timing is making sure that my twin flame and I come together in the best of all possible moments.” Or even “my heart is open and I radiate love.”

The main idea is not only to change your strong beliefs about yourself, but also to emit a positive and alluring energy that naturally attracts people to you.

When you continue to look into your eyes saying positive loving affirmations, you will feel more positive and confident, beyond your physical self that you normally see in the mirror.

Our eyes are the window to the soul, if people don’t make eye contact with us, we think something is wrong and we don’t feel connected. We need to establish this kind of soul connection with inside ourselves. This is where healthier love and soulmates relationships begin.

Celebrate With Your Friends & Family

If any of your friends are single on valentine's day, make a friends night out and go do something fun and exciting like go see a movie, play, concert, club, or even go bowling. Another fun thing you can do is host a single's party or make a special Valentine’s Day dinner for your friends. Valentine's Day is not just about having a partner or about being with your true love. It's about love in general and spreading that love to those that matter in your life most and to show them how grateful you are for having them in your life.

Help Out Your Community

Another great way spending Valentine’s Day being single is to help your community out. Try volunteering to help out at a homeless shelter. Seeing someone's face light up and making others happy from your small gesture will make you feel better and fill your heart with love.

Visualization and Meditation

Always visualize, dream, pray for love, and never give up hope. Saving pics from the internet, clipping pictures of soulmates and meditating over them, using any creative energy asking the divine to help with the cleansing process!

Support Those With Similar Situations

Try getting together with a friend or a few friends who are in similar situation as you are if it’s a break-up, separation, or trying to find your true soulmate, you will be able to support each other with this difficult process during Valentine’s Day.

Make It Fun!

It doesn’t matter what you do on February 14th, just love and indulge yourself. This is your time and you deserve it! Make Valentine’s Day a special and fun event for yourself. Make this day your day. Remember, you do not need a romantic partner or spouse to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and it doesn’t make you any less of a person!!! Think about all the good things you have in your life and be grateful for those.

Remember that it is just one day out of the year and it does not mean you need to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate! Love is what you make of it. A date on the calendar might be nice, but really, has nothing to do with the concept of affection.

Should You Reach Out To Your Soulmate/Twin flame on Valentine’s Day

*Also, as a side note for those in clear separation with their twin flame, or soulmate, it’s best not to reach out (I am guilty because I used to do that!) and Yes I know it sounds harsh but there is no point, they set a boundary with you, and sending them a happy valentine’s day message to your twin flame or soulmate is not going to get the type of response that you want, you’re not going to bring yourselves closer together, or show them that you’re open to seeing them or being with them.

When we do that, we have to ask ourselves, “is it coming from manipulation or from our heart?” check in with yourself, and I know this can be really tough but you must balance it out, and ask yourself, is this a heart thing or an ego/manipulation thing? Instead focus on the things that are going to bring you into union, like your own self, the whole thing is about getting in touch with your soul and having a soul vibration of love, and when you have a soul vibration of love then you’re not in separation and then eventually 3d physically comes together as well. But, it’s important to get into the vibration alignment, that’s the thing you got to do, the work and healing that needs to be done when in clear separation with your twin flame.

So in conclusion, don’t reach out, it’s not going to bring you any satisfaction, it will just pull you down instead, and you are worth more than that! Remember that!! If you really, really want to reach out to your twin flame or soulmate that you’re in separation with on valentine’s day, reach out to a friend instead, write out everything you want to say to your soulmate or twin flame on valentine’s day and just send it to your best friend instead, tell them you needed to get this out to somebody. Or you can find me on Instagram. Send whatever it is you want to say, but not to that person. So you don’t yourself tangled in all of that. Remember to honor yourself, honor your path, become this love and above vibration frequency, and when you do that you can have anything you want, because you become effortlessly attractive!


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