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Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide For Soulmates & Twin Flames

Mercury retrograde is here! On January 30 to February 20 in the air sign of Aquarius. The pre-retrograde shadow already began on the 15th of this month, and post-retrograde shadow will end on March 13.

Mercury retrograde means when the planet mercury appears to go backward in its orbit, as viewed from Earth.

Mercury retrograde gives us a chance, to reassess, review, rethink, and regroup our plans. Mercury retrograde is notorious for making technology go haywire. Issues with plans, traveling and most commonly, communication.

Thus, mercury retrograde can be tough on both soulmates and twin flame relationships, but it can also undo itself in such a way where it actually helps soulmates and twin flames reunite.

So because mercury rules communication, during this period of time, when the planet is in retrograde we might find it harder to communicate to our beloved, well find it a little difficult to get our point across, share our feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Not only will stir up communication but it also stirs up our mood too! We might feel moodier, and tense from our loved one during mercury retrograde. It might bring up hidden feelings, or conflict for soulmates and twin flames. It might be difficult for soulmates and twin flames during mercury retrograde to compromise, making them play the blaming game, pointing fingers, stir up drama, miscommunication, and misjudgment,

But luckily, there are ways to approach this mercury retrograde for soulmates and twin flames, to make it easier to deal with, for example, we know that mercury can cause communication to go off hay wire, so try to sit with your loved one and make a game plan for the immediate future for you both so that way you two can dodge the animosity.

Also, try this: if you stop and listen, this retrograde will show you the strengths of your relationships by highlighting your weaknesses together.

***Also during this retrograde be careful with deep discussions with your beloved***

What’s also common during mercury retrograde is that we have reunion with our soulmates, twin flames or divine partners.

This is not good time to start a new relationship!

The retrograde will not ruin a healthy and happy relationship, the transit doesn’t have the ability to destroy something that is helping us grow and evolve. It really only has the power to make us more aware of the red flags in our relationships that are bringing us down instead of building us up.

The reason why we fear mercury retrograde will make us split from our partner is that we let that fear slip into our subconscious and we think it will destroy our relationships with our beloved and makes us feel like our relationships are going backwards.

However, it does have the power to dismantle the connections that are no longer serving us and are toxic relationships. It is so important that we remember this to avoid any self-fulfilling prophecies.

Also, know that any drama, arguments, or conflicts that we might experience during Mercury’s retrograde will clear up once the planet mercury begins to move direct.

***A break up during mercury retrograde is not permanent! ***

Old Flames & Our Exes May Reappear

Also what’s common during mercury retrograde is that we may be encountered by our old flames, exes or just people from our past. It’s mainly because the relationship we were in with them wasn’t finished, or needs closure and can even resolve the problems you two were faced with and can rekindle the love you two had in the relationship.


During mercury retrograde it’s advised that we be gentle with ourselves, doing things that make us feel good. Self-love is crucial, healthy eating is one of the best ways to self-love, when we eat a more balanced and healthy diet, we can notice a big difference on the way we feel and look.

Also, exercise and keeping active are awesome ways of self-care, getting a massage, making ourselves look more polished and accentuating our beauty are also really great ways to show our selves some self-care because it raises our vibrations, and self-esteem. It’s also really good to stimulate the mind by learning new things, reading books, and taking courses. Mercury retrograde is great for learning and studying


You may have messages that your higher self is trying to give you, meditation is a great way to hear your higher self also getting more into spirituality help a lot too. Twin flames often communicate telepathically thru dreams and visions, so do pay attention to them and write anything down that keeps coming up, this can help you hear what your twin flame is trying to tell you during mercury retrograde.

Psychic Abilities Will Be Enhanced

The veils between the physical and spiritual worlds will be thin, making us more in tuned with our spiritual and psychic abilities, also having better connection with our spirit guides, and also well be able to hear our intuition better.

Mercury’s backwards ways offers lots of new insights and 20/20 clarity making it an ideal time to get a psychic reading, reiki healing or seek out guidance from a spiritual teacher

Uncovering The Hidden

Mercury loves to uncover lies and corruptions, so anything that’s been hidden or kept secret from you can be revealed during the retrograde. Karma always has a way of coming back to those who wronged you.

Finishing Old Projects

One of the main things mercury retrograde is all about is finishing up old projects, it’s a great time to complete the things you’ve been waiting on, and starting things over. It’s also an idea time to clean the clutter, get rid of the things that you do not use, and are taking up space in your closet, work space, homes, cars, or offices.

Laugh & Embrace Mercury Retrograde

Hearing the word Mercury retrograde can a lot of the times scare us, but really it’s not. Try not to take things too serious during mercury retrograde, instead try to make light of things, look at the positive things mercury retrograde can do for you and laugh!

Laughing is always good for the soul, and actually is healthy for you too! So if during the retrograde, makes you feel kind of down or frustrated, call up some close friends, or put a funny movie on, it will surely lighten the load on you and will make you feel so much better!!

Mercury retrograde Can Actually Help Us

I know mercury retrograde scares a lot of people, (I was one by the way) but, it’s really it’s not all that scary and bad as we might think. Yes it’s an influence, yes it amplifies things and makes certain areas of our lives a bit more difficult and challenging but we CAN get through it.

Mercury retrograde can actually be looked at as a good thing because it gives us a second change, it helps us become more aware of our toxic habits, our patterns and helps us become more conscious of our actions, and help us gain our integrity back. We just have to fight a little bit harder to get past the challenges mercury retrograde brings. Do not be afraid of this retrograde and instead embrace what is in front of you and take the retrograde head-on!


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