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December 12:12 Portal Soulmates & Twin Flames

This Friday is the 12:12 portal, and is a powerful cosmic portal where we receive intuitive messages, spiritual growth, prophetic dreams, telepathic messages from loved ones and healing energy for ourselves!

***The healing energy that we receive and do on ourselves will be reflected to our twin flames, thus helping them awaken and come to union.***

The 1212 portal will be open until December 21st, and ALL of us WILL feel the energy no matter where we are in the world or how sensitive we are. The numbers 12:12 represents spiritual awakening that is about to happen to you and to someone who is very close to you like your soulmate or Twin flame.

The numbers 12 are both independent and individual numbers that bring higher awareness, and powerful transformations. The number sequence and numbers themselves, have a variety of different meanings, but some of them are that the 12:12 portal helps raise our vibrations, introduce new relationships, and help reunion and awakening for twin flames and soulmates that are currently separated.

It can show that something is changing (whether it’s negative or positive) and it’s using their vibrational energies for both twin flames and soul mates to fix and reunite back together.

The angel love numbers 12:12 also tells us that we are on the right track, and that our dreams In love and romance can come true whether it’s between ourselves or our soulmate, twin flame, divine partner, or friend.

The numbers 12:12 in love and relationships is about balance. Be sure that you’re not giving too much of yourself to your loved one and not enough to yourself or the people around you like your family.

The numbers 12:12 is a numerological activation code that carries the frequency of positive changes and soul alignment. The vibration pulls into a natural flow, helping us not push against the things or people that are meant for us, but instead helping us see the bigger picture sort of like, having a better understanding to our challenging situations and issues we have faced in our lives.

This portal or gateway some call is also helping us see what we need to release and surrender to in our lives, helping us see who we truly are, and how we need to be our authentic selves, not trying to hide how we really are, but instead embrace it!

***It’s important that we pay attention to our dreams and any signs we may see they will guide us for our highest good. ***

It’s also guiding us to get out of our comfort zones as well so we can see things in a different perspective and will make us actually stronger.

The 12:12 portal also helps bring positive transformations in our friend and love relationships. If we’ve encountered some disagreements or little arguments, it now brings us peace and happiness with them.

The number 12 is the last number of the calendar month and it’s the completion of that year. This is the time to focus on new beginnings for 2021. Let past negative and emotional events that might have happened in this year go. But, instead put all your Goals on making strong changes to grow and manifest your true desires for the next year 2021.

The upcoming year 2021 in numerology is the number 5 we will feel more free and able to make the changes that we have been planning and thinking about. It may test us and we must be careful with our patience and limits!!

A major shift is about to happen for 2021, the 12:12 portal brings great energy to manifest whatever we want in our lives (of course we have to do the work) but the energy that the 12:12 portal brings powerful energy and is an opportunity to help us succeed.


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