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How To Awaken Twin Flame Union

When twin flames first meet, it is a deep connection that awakens something inside both of them. It is not the typical girl meets boy type of scenario. When twin flames first meet, Automatically things will change at 360 in their lives. They both instantly start to let go and surrender in their soul center, flawed energy.

They want to explore this beautiful union deeper, but in order to come to an union, they must first need to cleanse their energy and release tension, and negativity, this is also known as the runner and chaser phase. This is where typically one twin (most commonly the twin who holds masculine energy known as the runner) will run from the other twin, (which is most commonly known as the twin who holds the femininr energy known as the chaser, or stayer.) But it can be interchangeable and doesn’t have to be in this exact order.

The very first step they need to take is to put their focus fully back on themselves, which can be very difficult because their Twin Flame is literally on their mind 24/7. Its almost like their twin becomes an addiction, and contact becomes the fix, that they crave to ease their inner pain. But their Divine counterpart isn’t going to allow contact, and will just pull back continuously, which only heightens the inner craving for relief more.

But, in fact it really isn’t you that your twin is running from, it’s actually themselves that they are running from. Our Twin flame is the mirror image of ourselves, and vice versa. But when their ego is in the way, it makes it very difficult for the both of them to see each other as who they really are because of the external conflict they both face.

Twin flames need to be fully released from every fear, repressed emotion, trauma, outdated soul contract, out dated beliefs and past life oath or vow that is lowering their vibration. So that their vibrational frequency is high enough to enter the new 5th dimensional paradigm of Heaven on Earth and manifest it as their 3D physical reality.

So, in order to get through this traumatic painful phase, it is best that you work on yourself, and just let go of any emotional past baggage, that is not letting you move forwards.

As you may or may not know, your twin flame is the exact mirror of your spirit, and what you see on the outside is actually a reflection of things that you need to work on within yourself.

To help speed the awakening of their soul center, its important that you get in tuned with spirituality. It can ease the pain from being apart your twin and can speed the process for reunion with both twin flames. But you must first do the inner work.

Heal your inner child

Healing your inner child is also very important. One of the most important steps on your healing journey after releasing these repressed emotions and Identifying the childhood beliefs behind them, is becoming your own inner parent and giving your inner child the love and the attention it seeks. It is also an important aspect of loving yourself,

Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Self love is so important, because its part of opening up the channels to receiving love. When you don’t love yourself, its difficult to give and receive love

I know it can be difficult at the beginning, but it’s so important that you do so. Some ways to help self love are by:

1.Accepting your flaws, fears and scars you may be carrying.

2. Being patient with yourself, and give yourself permission to speak up and be assertive when needed.

3. Removing yourself from toxic relationships from your life. I know this can often be a sensitive subject, but by removing yourself from people who you feel are toxic, drain your energy, and just have a low vibrational energy, you will feel such a major difference in your life. Now I know sometimes it can be difficult because some times these toxic relationships are family, but by fading away and lessening in on being around them will help you both mentally, spiritually and even physically too.

4. Forgive yourself for past mistakes. No one is perfect, no matter what you may hear or see from others, they are not perfect!!! Do not compare yourself either to others, because that is a big mistake and wont help you on loving yourself. Be your authentic self and don’t care what other people think or say about you. Know that we all make mistakes, and its okay, as long as you learn and heal from them its okay.

5. Positive affirmations are also a great way, you can say things like “I love myself unconditionally now and forever” or “I accept myself for who I am and love the person I am.” But, there are lots more you can say those are just some examples. The main thing is that you tell yourself these affirmations daily, you can either say them aloud to yourself while you look in the mirror, while you’re doing daily activities, or you can even jot them down in a notebook. Say positive affirmations, even if you don’t mean it. The more you say it the more your mind will have no other choice but to believe them, thus attracting that like type of energy.

6. Nourish your body with healthy foods, and exercise. By feeding your body healthy, wholesome foods, you automatically are showing love to your body. Try to stay clear from sugary, processed foods like cakes, and fried foods. Now, I’m not saying that you should never eat them, but rather limit your intake on them and try to eat them only as a treat. When you eat good, you feel good. Try to think of your body as a machine and you have to feed it healthy food in order for it to function correctly. If you’re always indulging on sweets, fried foods, and even alcohol, your body most likely will not function the way it should. Eating those kinds of foods most commonly makes a person feel sluggish, tired and even makes your skin look pale and acne shows up.

Your body also loves to move! It was made for this. Keeping active and exercise really helps the body, you will notice a great difference on the way you feel, and look. It’s also a great way to release tension and stress!

Create Space For Your Twin

Sometimes you need to pull back in order to be ready to fully commit again to your twin. There has to be physical space in your life for your twin as well. Create space in your homes, offices and living spaces. Ask yourself, if your twin where to just suddenly come back to you is your house clean enough? Is there enough room for them to come in? Would you be comfortable enough for them to stay in your house?

Align, yourself to the union, no matter how incapable your Twin Flame relationship may seem now. Show the Universe that you are expecting your twin to walk through the door at any time and that you are fully ready to receive them into your life.

Don’t think about spending your time with someone else, just because your twin might be doing the same. Make sure there is nothing standing in the way.

Stay In Your Femininity

For most of us women, when we have big projects, and are focused mainly at our work, we can tend to slip into our masculine energy greatly, which is a good thing yes, but its important that you stay in contact with your feminity.

In order to attract our Divine masculine we need to be in our own Divine feminine vibe. So get those big work projects out of the way or switch things around on long term projects, so you can slow down a bit and stay in the right vibe.

Clear Fear of Loss

Fear of loss is most common Twin Flame theme that is often brought back out lifetime after lifetime. In order to create union, this fear has to be released because in essence being afraid to lose your Twin Flame is not trusting that the union will happen, no matter what the underlying cause might be.

You can not create what you do not believe and this (subconscious) fear will actually repulse back Twin Flame union, it has to go in order for you to become a magnet to what is truthfully yours.

Ultimately, The twin flame divine union is finding true balance and understanding who you are. But, This can only happen once the baggage has been cleared out and then you both can emerge as one.

Twin flames go through a lot of trials and tests and they can be both negative and positive. But, The main reason why they are brought into this world is that they do have a soul mission to perfect together as one and make the world a better place.

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