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The Twin Flame Stages

"And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight even for a moment." – Pluto

Twin flames, or often referred to as “twin souls” are called to be 2 souls made up from one single soul unit. Twin flames are each other’s half, they complete each other and make each other whole again. One soul would represent masculine energy while the other would represent feminine.

In the beginning, once they were created they were then split from each other on earth, subconsciously not knowing this but always spiritually yearning to merge back to one another. But, before that merging process can happen and they can finally rekindle this divine connection, twin flames may have to go through some of these following phases before this can happen.

Keep in mind every twin flame connection is different and each twin flame connection has a different mission and path. So they don’t always have to go through these phases or in this particular order either. We each have a twin flame and sometimes we don’t always meet our twin flame in the same life time and that is totally fine. We do not need to f find our twin flame to feel complete either.

The Meeting

The first twin flame stage first starts off with an encounter between the two souls. It’s a special feeling you have when you’re with them, as if you are now “home.” It’s a feeling of being complete sort of speak. You feel very comfortable around this person and you may even share many similarities as well as many differences with each other, commonly this experience feels extremely powerful and mind blowing.

The Physical Separation, Inner Cleanse

In this stage the honey moon is over, troubles and arguments arise. Your conversations with your twin begin to become less and they begin to become more distant and quiet.

Our twin Flame is the other half of our soul, which is a human reflection of our soul’s light. Our twin flames mirror and share our most deepest desires needs and dreams, but they do also mirror our shadow selves as well. In this phase past issues, hurts and wounds start to merge out. But, this stage is necessary for growth to begin.

Our twin flames challenge us, bringing up our insecurities. This can be a very heart breaking, devastating, frustrating, painful phase that can almost feel unbearable to go through. But the Brightside on this all is that this wouldn’t be a soul connection if you didn’t experience the heart break from the separation.

Running and Chasing

But the journey is not over just yet. The running and chasing phase now begins. This is where One twin (usually the twin with masculine energy or the one that is less spiritual) will run from the other twin (usually it's from the one with feminine energy called to be the "chaser or stayer".) It doesn’t have to be in this order; it can be interchangeable keep in mind each connection is different.

Usually the runner runs because they are overwhelmed or has doubt with the connection that they share so they separate from their twin. They start running away from their twin. But not only are they running from their twin but they are actually running from their own self as well, because they are the true reflection of their twin. So all of a sudden, the person they considered to be the other half of their soul wants nothing to do with them anymore and act completely different. They start to cut off communication their twin and act as if they are angered by them.

This may be a very traumatizing experience for the chaser or stayer for they now feel the abandment from their twin, but the runner too does feel this as well even though they don’t show it. At that point the runner just doesn’t know how to fully accept the connection for what it is and is afraid.

This stage can take time; it can last for a few months to even a few years. But it all depends, like I mentioned earlier each connection is different, (but it can be healed too!) It can be healed simply if both or even one twin works on balancing the energies and fears carried deep inside themselves.

The core purpose for this phase or stage if you will is mainly that their behavior is a reflection of what needs healing within them, whether it be to clean karmic paths between both twins, or let go of having codependency.

Surrendering and Letting go

The Twin Flame journey is all about you, letting go of the human ego, having unconditional love in your heart, and embrace the potential from the divine. If you are in this stage, just let your fears and judgment go. Give your twin the space and freedom they need. It’s not letting go and disconnecting from your twin, *that is impossible* but you are rather letting them work through what needs healing and clearing up in their life paths.

Final Reunion: The Happy Ever After

Now this phase is where the divine energy takes over and the human constructs fade away. The spiritual awakening now takes its course and each of the problems in your relationship start to increasingly become easier to deal with both twins have cleared up and restored their karmic lessons and tasks... They are now both awakened to the infinite possibilities of this beautiful and incredible love.

The more you both work through each issue that comes your way carefully, the more you can encounter the true feeling of “Oneness,” now both twins have become fully aware and enlightened of their special, sacred connection. They are now ready to come together harmoniously. They now come together physically (unless they are not on earth then it happens in the afterlife.) A new energy emerges, this new energy blends together both the ying and yang to evolve a third soul and in the end they live happily ever after together. Twin flame's unconditional love is so strong that it can actually help change the world and make it become a better place.

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