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Winter Solstice Soulmates & Twin Flames & The Christmas Star

For the first time in 800 years, Jupiter and Saturn will line up to create what is known as the “Christmas Star” some believe this gift is coming to us because it has been one of the most devastating years of our lives and the heavenly beings want to give us a gift of hope.

Alignments between these two planets are rare, it occurs once every 20 years or so, but with this conjunction it’s even rarer because of how close the planets will show up to be to one another.

Along with that, is the winter solstice, On the 21st marking the death and rebirth of the sun and is believed to hold a powerful energy for renewal, self-reflection, and new beginnings.

The numbers 2121 carries the vibrations of the numbers 1 and 2, which is repeated twice, magnifying its energies by two and can bring positive energies in your life.

It also resonates with the attributes of peace balance and harmony and is telling you to keep peace inside yourself, so that way you can start living a peaceful and balanced life.

The Angel Number 2121 also implements that "your thoughts are like seeds that are about to sprout and are a sign that things will be going in your desired direction.

There’s a very good chance that There may be some wonderful opportunities or new directions to take that will lead to personal happiness and fulfilment. The message is to continue to hold onto faith, and know that the Universe and your angels are behind you all the way

It’s the shortest day of the year, and for our friends in the southern hemisphere it’s the longest day of the year for them.

Winter solstice is when the energy is open to awakenings and bring in the new. It’s a time to embrace the new beginnings with love and light for the upcoming year 2021 and welcome in the new sun by having gratitude in our hearts.

During this time, we are encouraged to enter the dark night of the soul. It’s an opportunity for us to go within, by ourselves, getting out of the spotlight, and sit with our own truths. We must look at ourselves in honesty, and then from there we can make changes.

We need to start identifying the bad aspects of our life so that we can do something to change it. It’s time to be honest and aware of what we should do to bring ourselves closer to our goals. When we do this, big and positive changes and energy shifts can happen.

We can also find our inner truth, step into a new power and finally gain clarity and insight onto whatever has been boggling our minds, or just whatever has been making us feel stressed and anxious about. We can now overcome these issues, obstacles and challenges that have been bothering us!!

It’s important we must release the low and negative energy vibrations, with the power of light from the new sun, it is that positive energy that is transmitted to you through the new sun.

With The new light we can experience some sensations of tingles, or pressure in certain parts of our bodies. We may feel as if there is a higher energy about to emerge inside of us, this is a higher consciousness that our higher self is excited for the rebirth of the Sun.

Our higher self is actually calling out to our Divine partner. The 3-D is becoming less heavy and the 5-D is slowly merging in.

Soulmates & Twin flames During Winter solstice

This energy calls out to our higher self and our Twin flame; we will be able to reciprocate energy vibrations to one another. By bringing the both twins to an Ascension state.

Also during the solstice, Divine partners including Soulmates and Twin flames find an opening into a new cycle and manifest to higher frequencies.

Both sources represent total opposites, but actually are similar and they can trigger a deeper energy base that lies from within.

This also help re balances the energy with soulmates and twin flames connections. Just as the winter solstice is rebirth of the sun, the same happens with our spirits.

This is the time where we can reunite our inner light and awaken to our higher self, thus helping everyone around us who we are connected to,

The Energy Helps Unstable Connections

Also, when we focus on the intentions of love and light this can help unstable marriages, healing love relationships that may be coming apart and even bring a Soulmate / Twin flame connection together and sealing their bond.

The winter solstice is the time to celebrate and you don’t have to be in the Holiday or Christmas spirit to celebrate!!!

The light is here for you to enjoy, to use to set goals for both the long term and also short term in 2021

The winter solstice is a time of reflection, during the darkest and longest night of the year. It’s a time to reflect on 2020, see our unwanted patterns if any, and from there we can figure out a plan to resolve them. This is such a good time to reflect on the power of our spiritual beliefs and the power we have within ourselves!!

***Anything is possible when we believe in ourselves****

Get Festive

We embrace the inner love and light the winter solstice brings by decorating our homes and offices. Get together with friends and do some holiday activities like watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate. It brings in so much joy and positivity. Have fun during this time, use it to your advantage. The winter solstice raises our energy vibrations and helps us align more to our higher selves.

Clear and Let go

It’s important we release The Old; old thoughts, patterns or unwanted energy from 2020. Just write down whatever comes to mind that you want to release, draw a picture. Words are sometimes not needed.

Set out your plans and goals for 2021

This is a powerful time to set our all your goals and intentions for the new year, write them out on a piece of paper, make a vision board on a piece of paper of all your goals, plans, and ideas that you want to be manifested, then light it on fire with candles or a fire place and just watch as the papers transform into smoke. Your goals and plans are not unnoticed!

Healing Past Wounds, and Traumas

This is the time to release and let go of any clutter and negativity that we might be holding onto both mentally, physically and emotionally. By doing so we can awaken our inner soul center. Thus helping us connect our higher self and communicate better with our divine partner like our soulmates and twin flame.

Twin flames cannot come to reunion until they totally release excess baggage, clear and heal their inner wounds and find unconditional love for themselves.

Spread Love and Light into your Homes

You can bring love and light into your homes by decorating it and clearing away things that you haven’t used in years, and no longer need use of. Donating and getting rid of things that have just been sitting in your closet spaces, shelves and rooms, will create energy flow and help bring in positive energy.

Embrace the Dark Parts of Yourself

The winter solstice asks us to find the beauty in the darkness and shadows of winter, to make peace with the parts of ourselves that we usually hide or want to change, and to understand how to incorporate our shadow selves. Although we are love and light, we are also imperfect, wounded, and still learning—which is a beautiful thing.

Focus On Yourself

It’s so important that we work on bettering ourselves, especially since we’ve been experiencing a series of energy shifts this past year.

***We can really help the energy around us and bring in so much positive energy, people, places and experiences when we do inner child work, positive affirmations and do healthy dieting and exercise. ***It also helps twin flames and soulmate connections too!!***

Celebrate this holiday season with love and light, and you will open yourself to new opportunities.


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