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What To Do If Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Isnt Waking Up From Separation

Most often when twin flames meet, they go thru this phase where they separate from each other. Its most often referred to as the runner and chaser phase, this is where one twin (usually the one who holds the masculine energy) will either becomes afraid of the love itself that they share, or fear that he or she will lose themselves to the person they love, this is known as the runner, and the runner will even leave the person so that he or she can remain themselves forever.

Now the other twin flame that is known as the chaser, (this is usually the twin that holds most of the feminine energy,) this the chaser becomes devastated, and hurt. The chaser then begins chasing the runner. But do keep in mind the roles can be interchangeable it doesn’t always to be the feminine to be the chaser and the male be the runner.

But it is so important for the chaser to know that the runner needs time, true love will spark in their eyes when the time is right. There are so many reasons as to why the runner is running but one of the main reasons why usually is because the runner is not awakened.

Twin flames are reflections to each other. A twin flame is basically holding a mirror, so that you can look into it and then go and do all your work, so you can heal all your past wounds, and be shown just where you’re not loving yourself, to keep moving and to find yourself.

Your Twin Flame Is Sent To You to Help You Wake Up

It’s important that you go to find deeper and more unconditional love for yourself, you begin to project it towards your twin and whenever you project it towards your twin, and he or she begins to come alive. The other twin begins to find love within themselves, and that is what helps him wake up, that helps him come to a greater understanding of that divine love within the twin flame connection.

Why You Might Be In Separation

When you’re judging your twin flame for not waking up, you’re keeping yourself in separation from them, because you can’t have judgement and unconditional love at the same time, it doesn’t exist in the same dynamic.

Letting go & Loving Yourself

So, you have to let go of that judgement towards your twin not waking up, and instead go and find that unconditional love within yourself and send your twin love, and when you do that you can actually change your cellular structure on the inside, and bring yourself up in frequency. It can change your DNA too, and you just drop into such a place of joy, on a consistent basis because you’re showing unconditional love to yourself, and you’re not judging yourself anymore, you’re accepting yourself for who you are and who you are becoming. You come to a place where you didn’t have to try or prove anything - it just was.

Sending Your Twin Flame Love & Blessings

Send unconditional love to your twin, anytime you’d like, even if you see something that would trigger a thought, a feeling or emotion of them, just send your twin love!

Coming From a Place of Detachment

Send that love without any attachment, any attachment of your twin to coming back, or just any attachment to them responding, and of course you’re not sending that love and blessings where they would know on a 3D level, you’re not texting or emailing them that you’re sending them love and blessings.

You’re coming from a place where you think “if my twin magnetizes back in my life great! But if not that’s fine too.” You’re coming from a completely detached place.

Magnetize Your Twin Flame Back Faster

When you can flip the script on this, and really see it for what it is, as your twin as your advocate, and stop judging your twin flame, stop judging their behavior, stop judging them for not waking up, and not waking up on your trajectory. When you can do that, you can really genuinely send your twin flame love, send them blessings, and then send it to yourself and really just drop into that space of joy and just being you, being your authentic self, being so content with being your authentic self, that’s when you can actually have a chance of magnetizing your twin flame back into y our life.

Letting Go & Being in A Place of Unconditional Love

But, if you are judging your twin flame, judging your twin flame for not waking up at your same trajectory or in the same manner, then you are keeping yourself in separation from your twin flame. Btu if you want union, then all the 3D judgmental, low and negative vibrational stuff needs to be dropped. Instead go into a place of unconditional love,

You Can Actually Heal Your Twin Flame on the 5D

If your twin flame is a narcissist, or doing behaviors you don’t like, if they’ve become an addict to alcohol or drugs. You can heal them, but the main job is not to judge them for any of their behaviors, instead choose not to see it anymore regardless how negative or reckless it is. Instead all you choose to see is their love, and their amazingness.

When you choose to only send love, healing and blessings to your twin flame, you begin to help them rise up, you begin to help them see the light, and if you’re in that vibration it can happen so much quicker with your twin flame.

It is Truly about Healing Mutually!!

If you are the one waking up first, you have this responsibility to help them, and your twin is also helping you too, your twin flame is the pillar, and holding up that mirror so that you can look at yourself and see what’s there, and then when you can actually make peace with it, and love it and you can transcend it, and transmute it then your twin is helping you. The thing that you can do for your twin flame is to send him love and blessings and come from a place where you don’t care about getting anything in return for it.

Just offer thanksgiving, blessings, gratitude, and so much love to your twin flame for what they’re doing for you, they’re not doing anything to you, they’re not meaning to hurt you, they are truly there to help you!


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