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Twin Flame Manifestations To Help Reunion

So often when twin flames meet, they usually always go through a period of separation, the runner and chaser phase. This leaves us feeling abandoned, rejected, deep remorse and so so much hurt and sadness. Here are some ways to help twin flame manifestation, so we can end the pain and suffering of being apart from out other half, (our twin flame.)

Coming From A Place Of Love

Having love, Love for yourself, love for your planet, love for your neighbors is a wonderful way to manifest your twin flame, soulmate or divine partner. But beware not to run those fairy tale fantasies “if my prince comes I will have it all, my life will be perfect.” That is the type of energy that actually calls in our twin flame counterfeit, our twin flame false energies, and our karmic soulmates.

Loving Yourself

It’s all about falling in love with yourself, the goddess, or god that you are, stepping into your higher self. Loving yourself, genuinely, keeping away from the things, people, places or thoughts that do not make you feel good. But instead only doing the things that benefit you, like exercising, eating healthy, making yourself look polished, and even standing up for yourself are all some ways to show yourself some self-love.

Healing Your Inner Child

Think of yourself when you were a baby, and how much do you love that little baby? And how will you keep her/him safe? How can you get him/her to trust you that you can really take care of him/her? A lot of the times twin flame or even soulmates run from their beloved because they have not healed their inner child , they need to re-parent their inner child, a lot of the times they cannot fix what went wrong in their child hood, such things like approval, love, safety, attention, and so on.

It’s not about hiding your wounds, mistakes, past or shame, it’s about showing up in those things of shame, mistakes, past or wounds and loving yourself. Even laughing at yourself! When you can love it and laugh at it all, the energy will lighten up and you’ll get closer to your divine partner.

Stop The Jealousy!

Let go of Envy of Other Twin Flame Couples and Teachers, and replace it with Love and Gratitude. When you point fingers, compare yourself and even try to mock those that are in their twin flame or soulmate union, it instead just sets you up to attract negative energy. Learn to laugh at your envy and jealousy, take a step back and ask yourself “can I allow myself to be happy for this person?” doing so will really help you dodge attracting negative people, things, places and situations.

Go Within & Create Your Own Happiness

When we can be happy with or without our beloved, it often shows up in our lives unexpected. So instead of waiting for something to come up to define our happiness, we need to go within and create it ourselves.

It’s simple, we just need to ask ourselves “what makes me happy?” and then just do more of it. A lot of the times you can find happiness in charity work, playing with pets, going in nature, or picking up a hobby etc.

it’s up to you, yourself to create a life worth living for. If we depend on someone else of being our source of happiness it becomes an imprisonment for them, it is not healthy for you and can wreck the relationship you have with them.

Heal Your Ancestral Stories & DNA Codes

Take some time out and understand how your genes and DNA have been thrown off track by your parents and ancestors negative experiences and beliefs. We can unconsciously inherit the minds of our parents and ancestor’s trauma, repressed emotions, and energy. But we can also un inherit them by becoming conscious of the patterns and finding solutions to heal them back into healthy “codes” in the DNA.

Your Twin Flame Journey Is All About You

Do not put your life on hold waiting for your twin flame to come back. The twin flame journey is not about your other half, but instead it’s actually all about you! Regardless if your twin is with you or not, whether they blocked you on social media, or whatever the circumstance is, you actually do not NEED them to acknowledge, talk or love you in order for you two to come together in complete twin flame union.

The answers are within you and when you tune into the power of the twin flame ambassador, of love that you are, when you come from that place where you know who you are, and you’re being servicer to the world, you’re rocking your soul purpose, your showing up big, you’re slaying your fears, you’re not coming from neediness, obsession, love addiction or trying to please anyone, not coming from that place in “I don’t love myself, but if I can finally figure it out and make a perfect life, than he will love me.” We can instead cancel that out and change it by coming from truly embodied goddess/god that we are ready to experience the most blissful and magical twin flame manifestation.

All of the energetic work that needs to be done twin flame union will happen on its own, when you have done the inner work to actually prepare for it. Inner union is the key and Twin Flame union is the physical reflection of your union within.

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