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Scorpio New Moon What We Need To Know Soulmates & Twin Flames

We have a super new moon tomorrow on November 15 in the strong psychic sign of Scorpio. The spiritual meaning of this new moon brings is morality, good fortune, rebirth and success.

This new moon will be making us feel confident, while bringing in optimism and success, so it makes it a really good time to reach our goals, dreams, and overcome the challenging situations in both parts of our love and career lives. It increases our motivation for success, making it easier for us to achieve our goals, improve our lives, and to set new plans and intentions for our future.

***But! We must make sure our goals and dreams are moral and ethical. ***

Declutter In All Aspects Of Your Life!

It’s a really good time to eliminate the clutter in our lives, and I’m not just talking about the clutter in our homes! I mean de clutter the bad toxic habits, the negative thoughts, and leave behind the dead relationships!

But it’s also never a bad idea to declutter your homes, offices, cars or whoever else you spend most of your time. Get rid of things that you haven’t used, my rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn or used it in over 3 years, then it’s time to get throw it out or donate it.

You will feel so much lighter and make space for fresh, new, and positive energy to flow through your home and life!!

Rebirth With Soulmates and Twin flames

During this time we may experience old flames from our past, such as soulmates or twinflames that we’ve been in separation with to be coming up, either it’s to help us recognize our patterns in our love life’s, to learn and grow or for a chance to try to things over again and rekindle that love. It’s best to take it slow, allow them to really express emotions and feelings first.

Feel your Feels!

The energy from this new moon will be intense and powerful and may bring up our emotions, but with that comes emotional healing too. How we can do this is if we sit with ourselves and all of our emotions, our deepest fears, hopes, loves and dreams rise up from our belly and into a new space of awareness. It’s our duty to sit with our thoughts and feelings, and recognize that we are not our feelings or our thoughts, we are just the ones experiencing them.

This Scorpio super moon reminds us that in order for us to see change, we must change internally as well, to switch our perspectives, be open to change and switch up the monotony in ourselves.

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