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Halloween Twin Flame Blue Moon

This Halloween, October 31st we have a blue moon, and this is the second full moon of this month making it a very powerful and auspicious time, it’s also rare to have 2 full moons in one month.

The Blue Moon is covered in mystery, magic and folklore, and that is because it only appears once every 2.7 years. The term “blue moon” is over 400 years old when Shakespeare first wrote the words “blue moon” to mean rare or ridiculous.

This blue moon will be in Taurus, and it may stir up some emotions, cause sudden change, frustration, rebellious energy, disagreements and conflicts with our relationships. But, because our emotional strength and intuition is increased during this time, we can use that to overcome any of our relationship challenges that come about this time.

But, it’s also considered to be fortunate, a time for celebration, success from hard work, making friends, giving us patience, and a perfect time to start a long-term goal or make plans for the future.

This time may seem a little bit erratic and unpredictable, it’s important to stay open minded, flexible, and adaptable. By doing so, brings opportunities to come to create positive changes in our lives, and will give us freedom to follow our own unique path and express our true inner self.

Also, while mercury is in retrograde during this time, it can bring a sense of seriousness, miscommunications and arguments and when it stations on November 3, election day, it can make us all feel frustrated, create a lack of concentration, delay travel and lost mail.

It’s vital that we listen carefully, pay close attention to detail and think twice before we act on anything (especially when it comes to making decisions.)

We may feel a bit sad, experience emotional distance, have trouble expressing our feelings, feel unsettled, and frustrated. But because the fixed star with the moon gives us patience to deal with these issues, we can easily overcome them!

Also with this moon brings success from hard work and is an excellent time to meet new people for romance.

Twin flames & Soulmates

But for twin flames, soulmates and those that are separated from their divine partner, this blue moon in Taurus can create a lot of positive vibes, harmony, rekindling with soulmates and twin flames, high sense of vibrations, reunion with family members and old friends, and create an overall sense of happiness.

This full moon gives a big opportunity for twin flames and soulmates, because it peels back the layers of illusions that the twins have to help them ascend. When they get closer to union the moon phases reveal more and more of the illusions that have kept them in separation.

The Moon's Affects On Twin Flames

The divine feminine twin holds a lot of the healing powers so doing the inner work to come to union during the full moon (letting go of attachments) can actually help the masculine twin see past the illusions and move closer into a union.

when you hold most of the feminine energy in the connection, know it is up to you, the feminine to lead this connection by doing the inner work such things you can do are: being honest with yourselves, finding balance, forgiving yourself and others, telling the truth, working on your personal issues, letting go of past wounds, not casting out blame towards yourself, quit the doubting, worrying or being afraid, and being grateful even in the unpleasant moments or situations.

***We are meant to lead our divine masculine counterparts back home to themselves.**

Its important that we consider to ask ourselves this: “ Am I acting In a way that is gentle and inviting? “ Am I in a state that is aligned and match with unity?”

Divine feminines can truly affect the whole dynamic this way, and know that its never a good idea to point fingers, demand or force anything with your twin, or just any other states of anger is really just aligning more with separation.

Intuition Is increased

Now is a very powerful time, the veils between the spiritual world and physical world are thin, thus we will be getting psychic visions, seeing sychronties, and getting vivid dreams or visions. Making it a good time to meditate and get a psychic reading.

Pay Attention To Your Self Talk & Thoughts

It’s also making it a very powerful time to focus on your thinking and self-talk, it’s important we keep our thoughts and self-talk loving and positive especially when it comes to twin flames.

Focusing On the Positive of Your Love Journey

When we spend some time acknowledging the achievements and blessings we’ve experienced on our journey, no matter how small they may seem, we manifested them. When we thank the Universe, we’re thanking ourselves and sending out a message that we’re open and ready to receive even more.

For twin flames, know that this, Twin flames are ALREADY married, it’s just the matter of clearing out the HUMAN world programming that has caused us from being so in the physical world.

*As souls you are eternally united, and when you focus into this, you bring it about in the physical.

But, if you focus on the absence, or the seeming separation you bring more of that. Go within and re activate the unity between you and you will go into a higher state, and you will feel so much love and support. It is then that your twin’s higher self-activate your heart with unconditional love that has the power to change EVERYTHING!

Release & Let go

If you feel stuck and depressed, know that this is a phase you are in, and in particular this phase is a process of the rebirth and the inner feelings of light and expansion are going to come together.

Twin flames must let go of old negative patterns and attachments so they can welcome the new in their relationship together.

Also, in order for them to join together they must let go of any old habits and ways of thinking what they believe love to be.

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