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Manifesting Your Twinflame (This works for Soulmates & Divine Partners Too!)

Twin flame connections are the highest form of spiritual partnerships there is. Your twin flame reunion was orchestrate before you, your twin flame, and your guides were even born. Your meeting with your twin is all based on divine timing and the level of you two are spiritually awakened.

For reunion with manifesting your twin flame, it really begins with working on yourself. Aligning yourself with your soul purpose for is great place to start. When you are aligned with the universe you are living the best version of your best self that creates space for the twin flame reunion.

Here are some great manifesting tools you can use to help ascension with your twin flame and this can work for soulmates and divine partners too!

Let go of Jealousy & Envy

Release Envy of Other Twin Flame Couples and Teachers, and replace it with Love and Gratitude. Instead, take a step back and ask yourself “can I allow myself to just be happy for them?” That will help you release envy and jealousy and even help you to stop comparing your situations with others. Replace envy and jealousy with love and gratitude.

Stop Shaming Yourself

Shame is never the way to get your ultimate true love or really anything you want tin life, or at least for long term. Instead of shame, we must convert our shame (a negative energy) into self-acceptance and compassion (a positive energy) we then neutralize the energy that repels a Twin Flame into one that attracts a Twin Flame instead.

It’s not about hiding our shame, it’s about showing up in our shame and loving ourselves no matter what, and if we can find the humor in it that makes it even better, our energy will lighten up and we can get closer to our beloved. Twin flames show us what we desire and parts of us that we don’t desire so we can manifest accordingly.


If you don’t like what you have and are always complaining and knocking your own self, you are focusing negatively about certain traits that you poses, you are resisting who you are in the present moment.

Instead, focus more positively on yourself, accept who you are, love all your flaws! The better you get you at focusing positively on yourself, despite the imperfections and flaws, the better chances you have of manifesting your twin flame and soulmate. Your twin flame understands you, they understand you. You are not your thoughts, status, emotions, job or body.

Bettering Yourself

When you work on becoming the best version of yourself and work on loving yourself, you are helping the energy between you and your twin, as well as your soulmate too.

You can do things like making healthier habits, enhancing your beauty, eating a healthier diet, and getting physically fit. Exercise is so good for you, even if it’s just small steps, when you do that you’ll automatically feel lighter and happier. Also exercise is part of mind body and spirit and that is something that is crucial to incorporate into your daily routine.

There really is not space for insecurities in twin flame relationships!

Healing your genetic and ancestral stories

Your twin flame, soulmate or divine partner may not be coming into your life because of your DNA codes and genetics.

It’s best to understand how your genes work and how they’ve been thrown off track by your ancestor’s negative beliefs and experiences.

We can inherit the unconscious minds of our parents and ancestors. It’s important that we take a step back and see our patterns in certain relationships of ours and find solutions in healing our patterns and become conscious of them. When we do this, we un-inherit these genes and thus helps create reunion with our twin flame\soulmate and attract inner bliss.

The key to unlocking your Twin Flame journey is doing the inner work and when you set an intention to meeting your twin flame, soulmate, or divine partner, and you commit to self-love, you will then eventually cross paths with them.

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