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Venus Retrograde Effects on Soulmates, & Twin flames, Survival Guide

From May 13 to June 25, Venus, the planet of love, relationships beauty and abundance will be in retrograde, thus making it a deep impact on soulmates and twin flames. It will be under the zodiac sign of Gemini.

So since Venus rules beauty, love, romance, partnerships, and since it will be under the sign of Gemini, it can create a duel emotional energy for both you and your partner, spouse, or POI. Emotions with love will be off the charts during this retrograde.

Not everything is what it may seem during this retrograde with love and relationships. Romance and love may be heightened but what you might think is happening with your partner might actually be completely opposite.

Stress and Insecurity

This retrograde, it can stir up a lot of tension and emotions with you and your loved one

The best thing to do during this time is not to second guess things or even over think on certain matters with your loved one. Be cautious not to check social media either that can also cause you to have some anxiety and stress with your partner.

Think before you speak

Words can get mixed up and misunderstandings can happen, May causing you to say things you don’t mean and will regret. It’s best to try to stay calm and really say certain things in your head twice before you say it to your partner.

Slow down and Reevaluate

It’s always advised never to make commitments with anyone, get married or say something really deep to your partner during Venus retrograde. The same goes for taking a break in your relationship or even breaking up. It might not be what you really want or think what it is you need to have in your life.

The Venus retrograde can bring some jealousy, commitment issues, insecurities and emotional withdrawal at this time. The best way to combat this is to do some self-reflection.

Pressure on twin flame relationships

With Venus in retrograde during this time it can cause some drama, gossip and lots misunderstandings with twin flames. Try to avoid confrontations and serious discussions until Venus is out of retrograde.

Old relationships coming back

It’s very common for an ex or old friend to return during this time, that may bring up some old wounds for you, it’s usually either to test you to see if you healed from them. Its advised to really listen closely, to them, evaluate how they make you feel after talking to them that will help determine if you should continue the relationship with them or not.

Dating during Venus retrograde

The Venus retrograde can increase your need for tenderness and affection, but can also cause disillusionment in love, confusion, lies, and deception. To avoid this, try not to over-idealize a romantic interest, as you could ignore their obvious faults and red flags, which are plain for others to see.

Influence your weight

It’s more likely to gain weight during Venus retrograde because it gives us a craving for sugary sweets more than ever before. The best way to combat this it to really evaluate your thoughts before going to grab a sweet treat, really ask yourself, am I hungry? How is this going to make me feel after I eat it? That will really help you and steer you in the right direction.

Find healthy sweet treats like dark chocolate or fruit. Or just try to find a balance in eating your favorite goodies. Moderation is really the key here.

Embrace the retrograde!

Another great way to really work thru this retrograde is to find what makes you happy, be curious and playful, experiment with how you express your needs, experiment with self-care, ask yourself how have I been loving myself and how can I do it differently or better? Do a financial review, reflect on the resources you have versus the resources you desire, know that everything you need is really within you. Embrace anything that comes up because it is ready to be resolved.

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