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Tips On Libra Super Moon Love & Relationships

The first full moon of spring lands on April 7 at 10:35 P.M. EDT. April’s full Moon is the first to occur after the March equinox, which makes it the first full Moon of spring and the Paschal Full Moon. The Paschal Full Moon is the full Moon that determines the date of Easter.

Not only is it the first full moon of spring but it also a super moon! This is the closest and biggest Super Moon of this year. So we will have more lunar energy than ever

The April full moon is most often called the pink moon or egg moon, because egg indicates the sprouting of seeds and pink, because of the explosion of bright beauty found in the phlox, which are pink flowers rising for the spring.

This full moon will be falling in the charming and beautiful sign of Libra! This full moon is all about new beginnings, new growth and the perfect opportunity to take control of your life. It's time to tap into that innate sense of power you have over your spiritual self

No matter our personal zodiac sign, we can all feel into the energies of the powerful Libra Full Moon and use it to receive guidance.

Full moons usually highlight the areas in our lives where opposing energies need to be balanced and integrated. This is definitely true of the Libra full moon, where balance and harmony are more than just concerned with beauty and physical appearance. They’re important to our emotional wellbeing and security.

We are all in this together

One of the main messages this full moon brings is to be there for others, lend a hand, Put yourself in other’s shoes, reach out to support and in turn, watch how you are held. Even though we may be feeling alone, isolated, and uncertain, we are all in this together and the only way through is to come together as One.

Avoid impulsive actions Or Taking dangerous risks.

Try Not To Make Any Impulsive Decisions

The April 7 full moon can increases the risk of illness and infections because it is quincunx Neptune. Jupiter joins Pluto to intensify the coronavirus pandemic and intensifying the risk.

Mars square Uranus can leads to impulsive actions which can increases the risk of infection. So it is so important to try remain patient and cautious because this aspect makes you want to break free of restrictions, regardless of the consequences.

Be Open Minded

The key to remaining safe during Libra super moon is using your brain. Use this full moon to change your way of thinking. Listen to advice, share your knowledge and be smart about how and where you move around and, interact with your neighbors.

Embrace and Enjoy the Now Moment

Fortunately, through April 3rd to April 7th the lunation ruler Venus is in outgoing and talkative Gemini, so with all that’s going on during this full moon, it helps us to be amused and intrigued, rather than overwhelmed, by its emotional complications. Libra teaches us to embrace the mysteries and imperfections of our lives, and hold space for seemingly challenging and difficult ideas which makes it easier to do when we keep our mental attitude light, curious and playful. Instead of needing to know the definitive answers in our lives, we can enjoy living the questions.

Think Positive!

With this super full moon in Libra, it may tend to make us feel greedy, selfish, jealous, rude, and maybe even violent. By really tapping into the energy of the harmonious Libra, being balanced and moderation can reduce the risk of having those intense feelings and energies. Also using positive thinking can really do wanders during this time, as well for that and help us let go of any kind destructive behaviors.

Things That Have been Hidden Will Be Revealed

So during this time, mercury sextile Pluto giving us the intense focus and concentration to investigate truth and uncover secrets and bring light onto the things that we just couldn’t fully understand and with our soulmates and divine partners as well.

Helps Us Heal Our Relationships

This full Moon helps reveals to us what we need to work on and heal from to help our relationships with our loved ones grow. Soulmate relationships will really grow during this time, having a better understanding to one and another and feeling more love and bliss in their romantic relationships.

Turn Off Or Limit the News

So I know with this whole epidemic with COVID 19 has all made us feel pretty nervous and even chaotic, (I know I have!) but, if you can try to turn off or just even limit watching the news for a bit this will help you and won’t make you feel so paranoid and scared throughout your day.

Listen To Your Intuition!

That inner gut feeling that you have inside your stomach about something that just doesn’t seem right, that’s your intuition and its always guiding you for your highest good With the full moon out, it will definitely increase your intuition so use it to guide you when you’re around people, making decisions or trying to understand certain things.

Find a Creative Outlet

So knowing that this full super moon can influence us to make us feel impulsive, rebellious, erratic, and act rashly, the best way to combat this without having any conflict or danger happen, is to express it through a creative outlet it can be anything, like web designing, painting, cleaning, cooking, or even just even physical activity. By taking all that frustration or intense, or emotional energy out on a creative outlet will really help you and prevent anything destructive or negative to happen.

Keep an open Mind

Being open to what people with different views have to teach you, and going in on your resources of empathy and emotional intelligence, can really transform situations where you’ve found it difficult to connect.

Spring Clean

Spring clean your homes and work spaces! Get rid of things that have just been sitting in your closet and you haven’t used in over 3 years, clean out the dust and dirt wherever you see it. By you spring cleaning your homes can really make a big impact on your life, you’ll attract more positive energy, and you can even feel lighter and happier.

This is a time for protecting, nurturing and healing, of yourself and your loved ones.

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