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Mercury Retrograde What You Need To Know For Divine Partners

Today marks the first retrograde of the decade. On February 17th mercury goes retrograde, in the psychic zodiac sign of Pisces. This astrology sign is the most intuitive and spiritual sign of the zodiac.

When mercury goes retrograde, it usually makes things like electronics, phones, computers, travel plans and communication get delayed or go off haywire. So it’s best not to make any sudden or impulsive decisions at this time, or even signing contracts and having big discussions with loved ones.

This Retrograde Can Cause Us to Get Triggered

Instead take a step back and rethink things thoroughly. Especially with communicating, make sure you’re not overreacting because with this mercury in retrograde it may cause you to get triggered by the slightest thing. So with that it’s best not to let it affect you to the point where you are unable to make your decisions and get things done. It’s really advisable that you wait until the retrograde is over to make any big decisions.

Letting Go Of Past Hurts & Issues

This mercury in retrograde is also really good for healing old wounds, letting go of past hurts and release emotional blockages. In order to do so we need to address the core of what is really inhibiting us from growing, mentally or spiritually.


Be gentle with yourself during this time, do things that make you feel happy and relaxed. Self love is crucial, doing things like eating healthy, exercise, getting a massage or meditate is advisable. Also its good to learn new things, and take courses because helps your higher self.

A Challenging time For Romantic partners and Loved Ones

Emotions will be amplified with this retrograde, especially with soulmate partners, and loved ones. It’s really easy to get their actions and words wrong, creating a lot of delays in communication and having misunderstandings with each other.

So, it’s best not to over think too much on things, but instead give the other person the benefit of the doubt, try not to overanalyze things too much with one another.

Also, don’t be surprised if an ex or person from your past comes back. It’s most likely because they want a second chance or get some closure on certain matters.

This retrograde creates more of a telepathic energy vibration between divine Soul connections. It’s a great time to explore your spirituality, meditate, and communicate to your higher self.

Finish Old Projects

Mercury retrograde is a great time to complete unfinished projects, complete things that you’ve been waiting and start things over.

Mercury Retrograde Can Actually Help Us

Know that mercury retrograde is just an influence, yes it amplifies things and makes certain areas in our lives a bit more challenging but we can through it.

Mercury retrograde can be actually looked at as a good thing, rather than something scary. It gives us a second chance, helping us become more aware of our patterns, become more conscious in our actions, and gain our integrity back. We just have to fight a little bit harder to get past the challenges mercury retrograde brings.

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