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The Difference Between Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Karmic Soulmates

Often times, we can get confused between determining if a person is our soulmate, twin flame, or a karmic soulmate. There is a big difference and it’s important you don’t get them confused.

Karmic Soulmates

We sometimes will mistake a karmic for our twinflame because they are such intense connections. But, with a karmic connection they don’t really last a long time.

They come into our lives to help us learn more on how to grow and correct the things in our lives in order to be with our true divine soul connection.

With Karmic they tend to drain our Spirit; often known as energy vampires. We sometimes feel those compelling feelings to try to work things out, even though it might feel done and hopeless, and even the passion is gone.

After the clearing, the karmic relationships end as they have to. This partner is not suitable for you and is probably not available to be in a relationship with you anyway. This partner may “look like” your twin flame in many ways and even be physically similar. The karmic might even have a very similar vibration to you, however, their frequency is likely to be darker rather than lighter. the person with whom we are in a karmic relationship can also be a soulmate, however, the very word “karmic” or “karma” implies that there is some debt to settle, or something to pay back, as if we’ve lived out lifetimes of drama together.

Our souls get caught in loops, playing out the same negative patterns lifetime after lifetime. We can have more than one karmic soulmate and although they can be a romantic partner, there’s many karmic ties that need to be learned and grown from, before they can find harmony. Most often they are not permanent and most often, they will part ways. Karmic soulmates are sent to us to grow and prepare for the union with our eternal soul connection. We may go through endless times experiencing these karmic relationships until we finally forgive the person, learn our lesson, heal and transcend them.

Twin Flames

With a twin flame connection, it is very similar to a karmic soulmate, but truth of the matter is, we only have one twin flame in our lifetimes, and with a twin flame you feel a little bit different with them, although they are easy to get confused with a karmic soulmate. With a twin flame you feel a sense of "home" when you're with them. Like a karmic soulmate, they can bring out both the best and worst in you and are helping you to learn and grow.

There may be a lot of highs and lows, and with the highs they are passionate and intense, and with the lows are heart breaking and gut-wrenching. But with a twin flame, when they come together a sense of awakening happens, for both souls, as they start to realize that magnetic force, it triggers off the emotional pains that we tend to run from.

They reflect each other's souls, and as some quote: "twin flames are 1 soul made up from 2 separate souls." They share many similarities and as well as differences of one another. Also, in a twin flame relationship, one twin will carry mostly feminine energy and the other twin will carry more feminine energy.

It is so important that we need to work on ourselves to release these emotional old wounds that we tend to accumulated with our ego. Twin flames can also bring out intense energy as well, but as they find a way to get past the drama in the heart, there is no way that anyone or anything can separate or tear them apart.

If you're in separation with your twin, its best you focus on your heart center, releasing expectations with your twin, release anything or anyone that does not serve a purpose in your life, release emotional baggage and past wounds, will help you to reconnect with your twin. But most importantly focus on the love and light that you have inside your heart. We are all made up of love and it’s crucial we focus on loving ourselves unconditionally.


Now with a soulmate, we can have more than 1 soulmate, they can be romantically or not. Soulmates can be our friends, family member’s coworkers, neighbors, etc. soulmate relationships carry a compatible connection and are usually joyful and positive. They come (unconsciously of course) to provide gentle support.

Soulmates come and go in our lives, and we can feel a familiar connection with them, as if we’ve known them before in another life, almost like twin flames and karmic soulmates. But, they are not so powerful and are here to help us learn and grow. The intensity of a soulmate connection can also fluctuate once the lessons have been learned. Soulmate relationships can also help you awaken to a higher conscious and spirituality.

Both soulmate and twin flame are experienced on a mind, body and soul level. The only thing is though that Twin Flame relationships are experienced on a celestial /Universal level.

There really are no rules on determining if a person is your soulmate, twin flame or karmic soulmate. The only way really to know is to listen your intuition and go by what feels right.

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