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The spiritual Meaning Of Winter Solstice & How it Can Help Soulmates & Twin Flames

The winter solstice is coming up on Saturday, December 21, at 11:19 p.m. EST / December 22 at 04:19 a.m. GMT. The Winter Solstice celebrates the rebirth of the sun, the longest hours of darkness, and is believed to hold a potent energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection.

It’s a magical time at the end of the year, signifying the rebirth of the light. The winter Solstice is shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, where we are encouraged to enter the dark night of the soul, and it’s the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.

This time, it is an opportunity for us all to enter into the darkness. To move away from the spotlight, and instead to sit with our own truth and ourselves.

Its important that we find the stillness, for when we do, we are able to find our inner truth, and step into a new power, we can finally get clarity and insight onto whatever has been boggling our minds, or just making us feel anxious or stressed. The winter solstice can help us see and realize what we need to start doing, what we need to work on and what we need to let go of in our lives.

Take Some Time Out To Rest and Reflect.

The winter solstice is also a time of rest and reflection. It’s a time where its asking us to be honest with ourselves about where we are, what we’ve done this past year, and to review what we have learned from our struggles, triumphs, and failures. This time asks us to put ourselves first, even to hibernate, and nourish ourselves so we may be full of energy when the snow begins to melt.

Embrace The Dark Parts of Yourself

The winter solstice asks us to find the beauty in the darkness mad shadows of winter, to make peace with the parts of ourselves that we usually hide or want to change, and to understand how to incorporate our shadow selves. Although we are love and light, we are also imperfect, wounded, and still learning—which is a beautiful thing.

Be Still

When we sit in the darkness, and just allow ourselves to be, its important to ask what feelings emerge? What discomfort grows? What happens when we just allow ourselves to be?

The dark night of the soul is a time for rest and contemplation. Be gentle with yourself, and spend time getting to know who you really are away from the spotlight of the world.

Winter solstice is when the energy is open to awakenings and bringing in the new.

This is a time embrace the new beginning’s love and light for the upcoming year and welcoming in the new sun.

There is a major cosmic Gateway opening and both Solstices ignite some powerful energy for 2020.

Divine partners including Soulmates and Twin flames find an opening into a new cycle and manifest to higher frequencies during the Solstice.

Both sources represent total opposites, but actually are similar and they can trigger a deeper energy base that lies from within.

This also help re balances the energy with soulmates and twin flames connections. Just as the winter solstice is rebirth of the sun, the same happens with our spirits. This is the time where we can reunite our inner light and awaken to our higher self, thus helping everyone around us who we are connected to,

The Energy Helps Unstable Connections

Also, by you focusing on the intentions of love and light will help unstable marriages, healing love relationships that may be coming apart and even bring a Soulmate / Twinflame connection together and sealing their bond.

The winter solstice is the time to celebrate and you don’t have to be in the Holiday or Christmas spirit to celebrate. The light is here for you to embrace and set goals for both the long term and also short term in 2020.

Helping Others in Need

Another good thing is to reach out to people who are in need and giving them a lending hand in the best way you can.

Spread Love and Light Into your Homes

You can bring love and light into your homes by decorating it and clearing away things that you haven’t used in years, and no longer need use of. Donating and getting rid of things that have just been sitting in your closet spaces, shelves and rooms, will create energy flow and help bring in positive energy.

Get Festive

By Decorating and making things seasonal in your homes, offices, and workspaces can help you embrace the inner love and light the winter solstice brings, even if you’re not religious. Doing holiday activities and watching Christmas movies can help bring you joy.

Healing Past Wounds, and Traumas,

This is the time to release and let go of any clutter and negativity that you may be holding onto both mentally, physically and emotionally. By doing so you are awakening your inner soul center. Thus helping you connect your higher self and communicate better with your twin flame.

Twin flames cannot come together until they totally release excess baggage, heal inner wounds and find unconditional love for themselves,

Focus On Yourself

It’s so important that we work on bettering ourselves, especially since we’ve been experiencing a series of energy shifts this past year.

By doing inner child work, positive affirmations, healthy diet and exercise we can really help the energy around us and we can bring in so much positive energy, people, places and experiences into our lives (also help twin flame and soulmate connections as well.)

Celebrate this holiday season with love and light, and you will open yourself to new opportunities.

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