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Twin Flame & Soulmate December 1212 Portal

On December 12, an opening of an energy portal will take place, and it’s something we all WILL feel, no matter how sensitive we are. It’s an awakening to our soul, and as it unfolds, we will begin to discover parts of ourselves that we have not seen for a very long time.

The numbers 12/12 are both independent and individual, which brings intense transformations, and higher awareness within our selves. 1212 is also a symbolic sign of your spiritual growth and infinite being

This angel 1212 number helps us heal ourselves and release all past traumas, and fears so we can pursue our true passions and purpose in our life.

Its also lifting our energy vibrations up, and we are now shedding new skin so to speak, this energy portal is helping us become a better version of ourselves, and releasing anything that isn’t for our highest good.

With this portal, it can introduce new relationships into our lives and as well as helping the reunion of separation for twin flames and soulmates. It can show that something is changing (whether it’s negative or positive) and it’s using their vibrational energies for both twin flames and soul mates to fix and reunite back together.

The number 12 is the last number of the calendar month and it’s the completion of that year. This is the time to focus on new beginnings for 2020. Let past negative and emotional events that might have happened in this year go. But, instead put all your Goals on making strong changes to grow and manifest your true desires.

The years 2019 and 2018 were shadows, but the upcoming year 2020 is going to be more clear and positive, 2020 a year of accomplishment, and perfect vision. It’s the year where you are making your dreams real. But in order to do so, you must first put the work in, and requires you to be disciplined, grounded and responsible.

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