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Balancing Awakening Masculine and Feminine Energy For Twin Flame Union

Within the twin flame relationship, there is a sacred balance between the masculine and the feminine When two twin halves have balanced their masculine and feminine sides and have reached a strong sense of self and spiritually maturity, then they are ready for lasting reunion. But before that can happen, most often they go through what is often referred to as “the dance of the twins”, because during the balancing process, a push and pull dynamic is caused between the parts of the whole thus separating them apart. But, separation is only an illusion, in 3d; they are never really separated from one another.

This all happens in a twin flame connection happens for a reason and is guided by our soul. Twins show exactly the situations to each other that they need to heal and grow from, and it is our choice, based on free will, whether we accept it or not.

This phase twins go through can be excrutraiting, hard felt, and tough, Thia phase, means to let go of everything we used to believe to be true. Its asking major life changes from us, to be completely true to 100 % and, ourselves authentic. It wants us to face our fears and go through them in order to remove them, yes its quiet painful, but: It is all worth it.

What it means to have spiritual maturity, it means to be just about nurturing, honoring, and balancing both sides of your nature. All men, and woman, hold both the masculine and feminine aspects inside.

The only way we can truly balance our spiritual awakening is to integrate both sides of our nature as men and women – not simply one above the other.

1. Do not Suppress or withhold the things that bother you

When you suppress, Ignore, the things that bother you, and hold deep inside, it creates more suffering, and you’re fueling your shadow self.

The very first thing that has to happen in order for us to reach a true balance is to be open to the idea that it is possible!!

2. Let Go Of Judgements

It’s also important to release any perceptions of what it means to be either a man or a woman. Let go of judgments on age, race, gender, or social background, cultural rules, etc.

Know that judgments and uncompromising beliefs are what keep us feeling stuck, and when we look at our divine counterpart, a “woman” or a “man, we energetically push them away from us without consciously knowing it. Judgment creates separation, and blame pushes your counterpart away

Work on having a new way of seeing things, ask yourself, “how would the world be if we no longer saw each other a man or woman, but just simply as souls of light, that we are deep down?”

3. Transform Your Intense Emotions and Extreme Energy Highs and Lows, Into Something Useful and Creative To You and Others.

By dancing, running, writing, painting, cycling, composing, exercising and walking can help release these intense energy highs and lows, and turn them into something that can help inspire and be useful for you, your community and others.

Also we need to accept the energies we may be feeling, there may be times when we are completely vulnerable and emotional, and the more we accept the unfamiliar energies, whether be it the masculine or feminine portion, the more we can help assist to open up the other half to be able to take in more of our main energy.

Learn to just Accept it, embrace it and just tell yourself it will pass, It is just an effect of the balancing of the energies and will help the other half to take in more female energy.

4. Understand, That There is No Separation

This is only a 3D illusion. The faster we realize this, the faster we recognize that all the healing work we do for our growth we are actually doing for the two parts of the whole. A common question that most often comes up from twins is “why do I have to do all the work this question is unnecessary, because “I” does not exist in a twin flame connection, The other half is doing just as much work by acting the way that is needed so that the two parts can heal and become whole.

When we do our work of eliminating and raising our energy, the other part of the same has no chance but to adjust to the higher level as well. We inspire the other energetically, and when that happens, the twin pair raises its energy to the same highest possible energetic frequency when in a physical body. This energetic match is important, in order to be able to reunite. But before that can happen, we are energetically blocked to come together. So that is why we are experience so many obstacles and weird behaviors when striving for a reunion.

5. Be Assertive And Speak Your Truth

To be assertive is to respect yourself and your needs.

Know that your needs and opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s. Its also part of self love, which is crucial in healing twin flame separation. Start by small steps.

6. Practice Self love

Self love is so important, if you don’t love yourself, how can you attract loving people and energy frequency? It can be a bit of a challenge at the start, it is a journey but it is something that can be done. Do things your future self will thank you for, like eating right, and exercising. Learning new things and doing things that you love is also important for self love.

Also affirmations can really help too, I find by moving and saying affirmations really helps, like saying them to yourself while you go for a walk or exercise helps. Thoughts are energy, and the more you think and say to yourself loving and positive affirmations to yourself in your mind the more your brain has no way else but to believe them, thus attracting like energy!!

7. Changing Your Perspective About the Opposite Gender

Some important questions to take note are; where is there fear or negativity about the opposite sex? What do you believe about the opposite sex? This goes for the female especially, as we grow up around a lot of messages to protect ourselves, snd that most men are dangerous and unloyal, or vice versa, it can go the same for men too. By clearing these beliefs and thoughts we can begin to help heal ourselves from unresolved issues and past traumas.

8. Forgive Yourself and Anyone Who’s Hurt You In The Past

By holding onto grudges, or not forgiving yourself, or others, that’s actually hurting you because you’re holding onto all that resentment and you’re not letting it go. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things we can do on this journey and it helps to release negativity, release old attachments, increase acceptance, and heal old wounds.

Be willing to forgive In energy terms, when anytime we have an angry or hurtful interaction with someone our energies get tangled up, and until we untangle them by releasing and forgiving them, we will have a very complicated web of hurt stuck in and around us. Something’s you can do to help, are write a letter to yourself, or the person who’s hurt you and tell them or you everything, you feel, and then burn it. Also by looking in the mirror and saying “I forgive myself for all my past mistakes” helps as well. Practice forgiveness and you’ll soon notice how lighter and clearer you’ll feel.

Despite all the energetic disruptions of the collective, we need to manage our own balance to function properly and do what we came here to do. By having self love and sharing it with everyone around our planet, and us we see behind the veil of the illusion of separation from our twin and we feel the unconditional love for each other so strongly, knowing that nothing can separate what belongs together.

But, when we now enjoy life and feel loved, because we are whole by ourselves and don’t feel the need for anyone or anything in our lives to feel this way, the door opens for a possible reunion in the physical.

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