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How You Can Spiritually Connect To Your Twin Flame & Help Reunion

Most often in twin flame relationships, they go through the phase of running and chasing. It doesn’t always have to happen for some but is some cases it does. This is where one twin (the runner) will run from the other twin (chaser). Most often the runner is the one that is more immature and masculine energy and the chaser is the one that is more mature and has feminine energy. But, it doesn’t always have to be in this order and can change depending on each twin flame relationship.

Often when the twin runs, it due to that they are running away from the intense love that they feel with their other twin (the chaser.) They either feel overwhelmed by it, or don’t feel that they are allowed to feel loved by their twin. But other times the running could be to return back to an ex-partner, constant arguments, travelling, silent treatments, insecurities, workaholism or just simply leaving for no clear reason.

If you are in the Twin Flame runner and chaser stage, you might be feeling extremely hurt, vulnerable, overwhelmed, angry and confused. I want to share some tips on how you can over come this painful feeling and how you can connect with your twin spiritually.

1. Hearing Your Twin Flame’s Voice.

You can hear your twin flame’s voice, but you could have sworn everything was quiet; these are messages being brought to you from their higher self.

Though you may not understand why you’re hearing their voice or if you should talk to yourself, it’s highly recommended that you reciprocate these messages.

2. Mindfulness, Empathizing With Your Twin flame’s Perspective.

I know for a lot of us this can be a very difficult practice to do, but it will help both you and your twin greatly. You can practice mindfulness through a traditional meditation practice, learning to live in the moment, mindful breathing, spending time alone in reflection, and many other methods. The more proficient you become at learning how to observe instead of react to your emotions, the easier it will be for you to empathize with your Twin Flame.

It’s important to Remember that your twin grew up in a different context and therefore holds different life experiences, different genetics and a different personality. But also, note that what they think, feel and believe is true for them but not necessarily true for you, and respect that.

3. Ask Yourself, “What am I being taught?”

Whenever you and your twin flame get into an argument or experience tension, ask yourself the question, “What is it that my Twin Flame is trying to teach me through their words or actions right now?” Maybe you need to develop more patience, understanding or forgiveness. In the end, our twin flames are like vessels through which are the deepest and harshest, but most valuable lessons of life are transmitted. Only when you open yourself to learning these lessons can you/u grow as a person.

4. Loving Yourself

Most often the main reason why we experience heartbreak in the first place is because of our own self-loathing and lack of self-understanding, and that we do not love ourselves unconditionally. Loving yourself means to love every part of yourself, your flaws, imperfections shadow parts and learning from your past mistakes. Learn to love yourself and talk to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend or someone you’d love. Get rid of negative self-talk and doubts. Saying negative things about yourself makes your body feel bad. But, when you say nice things about yourself you attract positive energy and you can actually feel emotionally better from this too.

Nourish your body with healthy whole some foods, like fresh fruits and veggies, lean cuts of meat, whole grain pastas and breads, healthy fats like almonds and avocados, and fat free dairy. Try to steer away from animal fats, processed and commercialized foods. You will notice a great difference on how good you feel and so will your body look different too!!

Being active and exercise helps greatly with mind, body and spirit. By being active and exercising, you can clear out your mind and even gain spiritual clarity and messages. Creating a weekly routine of working at least 2-4 times a week can greatly provide a positive impact on your mind body and spirit.

5. Signs and Visions

The signs can come randomly in many forms.

The most popular numbers are 111, 1111, 222, 2222, 444 and etc. But you can also see feathers near by, license plates with names, certain songs that represent something special but are not very popular, being played in random places.

These signs are all part of the process with breaking through telepathically, and all have a message attached. No, they are not completely clear on what they mean, they’re all representing that something is about to be brought out in the open. The best thing to do is to pay attention to other signs, visions, dreams, and messages that come through.

6. Send Them Positive Thoughts

During the runner and chaser phase, both runners and chasers are actually feeling the pain equally. However the chaser may feel that they are getting the worst end of the stick but in fact they both hurting. Since the runner is the one running from something being scared and alone.

Both twins need time to heal and the best thing to do is not to focus on how to bring them back but focusing on the true matter here. There’s life lessons that they are both learning and have to work on themselves in order to get it right.

The best thing you can do at this point is to send them positive thoughts. Try to look at the situation on a different level, your twin is running because they have to find themselves and clear up their past wounds and karmic life lessons, so that when they do come back to you, you two can unite in harmony with no blockages.

7. Raising your Soul Vibration

Since twin flames are each other’s half and are connected telepathically, you can help heal both you and your twin by raising your soul vibration.

Some things you can do to increase your soul vibration are: read a high vibrational book, go to the beach and the ocean will take the negative energy you’re feeling out, smile at a stranger, do a random act of kindness, help out your environment, like picking up litter outside your house or community, de clutter your work space and homes, breath deeply because the more oxygen your cells take in the more you will feel alive, practice meditation, exercise and move more, find gratitude, no matter how small it may be, try to cut out alcohol, sugary foods and drugs those only vibrate low energy, practice compassion and forgiveness, getting into art and creativity, create a vision board of all the things you want to manifest and attract for yourself, and lastly, surround yourself in nature. Know that you are connected to mother, but if you spend most of your time indoors it can take a toll on your energy. Even if it’s just for a few minutes go out and take a quick walk outside. By taking time to connect with Mother Nature, you are able to feel that tranquil feeling of peace, and release stress and anxiety. You can even gain spiritual messages too at random times. Taking time out in nature really helps us connect back to source.

Remember, that a twin flame relationship is really commitment to yourself and healing your own trauma and wounds, to contain the happy vibration of unconditional love within yourself as well as your loving twin.

Be proud of yourself, you’ve made it this far in your twin flame journey, and learned so much along the way. Your spirit thanks you and forever will feel the good vibrant energy you give. Your twin flame spirit is within you and beyond within the universe that understands you are both part of the same vessel of energy.

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