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Awakening The Light of Love With Winter Solstice Soulmates & Twinflames

The Winter solstice is one of the most magical times of the year; it’s the rebirth of the light and also the shortest day of the year. It happens on December 21st. as the Sun shifts into the tenth zodiac sign of Capricorn we experience the “sun standing still”, a major point on the Sun’s cycle through the cosmos.It is at this point that we enter into a new direction of energy and start moving towards a phase of completion. Winter solstice is when the energy is open to awakenings and bringing in the new.

It also a time to celebrate and find joy. It is a time to use the full power of the Sun to achieve your dreams and go after your wishes. It is a time to light yourself up, and embrace. There are many different festivities and celebrations going on at the same time, which are the holidays.

The holidays in the winter solstice celebrate the spirit of hope, joy, love, and faith with bringing new beginnings for the future ahead in the New Year. The winter solstice also helps manifestation of our true desires, as well as attracting love into our lives.

Solstice is a time with deep intuition and letting go of the past. Meditating and reflect on your soul center and the gratitude of the gifts that you have in your life.

This is also time to just slow down, be positive, surround yourself with loved ones, and to listen rather than to speak. It’s crucial for us to rest, dream and gather strength in our bodies for the coming season of renewal. The nature of this teaches us that resting, drawing inward for a time, is present in all living things. Rest is vital for growth that comes later in the season.

It’s also a time where we can reunite our inner light and awaken to our higher self.

By focusing on the intentions of love and light will help unstable marriages, mend rocky love relationships and can bring a Soulmate or even a Twinflame connection together and sealing their bond.

The winter solstice is the time to celebrate and you don’t have to be in the Holiday or Christmas spirit to celebrate. The light is here for you to take advantage and set goals for both the long term and short term in the next year 2019. Another really good thing is to reach out to people who are in need and giving them a helping hand in the best way you can.

This is a time for new beginnings and renewal. This is a time to bring in the New Year with positivity and allowing light to enter in your world. Releasing any past hurts and excess baggage.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy New Year filled with abundance of joy, laughter, and prosperity.

Love and light,


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