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Venus In Retrograde Relationship Need Attention!

Venus retrograde starts this Friday, on October 5 at 10° Scorpio and ends on November 16 at 25° Libra. Venus rules love so relationships will be a major focus for many of us. But this is as well an ideal time for artistic and creative work too.
During the retrograde, there can be a lot of nostalgic and reflection of past situations. Venus retrograde intensifies emotional energy that often times can turn into anger and impulsiveness. This can create sexual tension, anger, anxiety, shyness, lack of self-control, sadness, challenges in relationships, and impulsiveness.

During Venus in retrograde your love life enters a predestined period. It might create giving and receiving love and affection to become more difficult. People from your past may reappear or you may relive past life experiences in order to sort out karmic issues. Also, Venus rules also money, so it is traditionally thought that Venus retrograde is not a good time for investing or buying luxury items.

The strongest influence on Venus retrograde is Venus square Mars. This may increase your sex drive but can cause relationship difficulties, especially if there is already some underlying sexual or competitive tension. But, in a healthy relationship, where both partners have strong egos, you may enjoy more exhilarating sexual activity. If you’re single, your increased sexual desire will match your more attractive aura.

Its best not to make any kind of agreements that you don’t really want for this could result in loss and regret. Its also said not to try to switch up your appearance, as in cut or dye your hair. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is advised to think before you act on something, do not jump to conclusions to quick or lose your temper if you face rejection.

There are other ways to safely express your frustrations. Try to release physical tension in productive healthy ways such as dancing, exercising, sports; you can also channel this energy into creative work like painting, sculpture or designing.

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