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Twinflame & Soulmate Phases

Twin flames are sometimes referred to as “the ultimate love relationship” and are said that they are beings that help our souls in finding completion. The Ancient Greek philosopher Plato first created the idea of one soul split into two separate souls that eternally yearn to find their “other half.” . Each split half is a twin to the other; they share many of the same characteristics, personality traits, and appearance. They can also be very opposite to each other as well, such as different race, gender, religion or be of the same sex. Each twin is an exact duplicate of the other, they descend into form and each one holds the masculine energy and the other holds the feminine energy.

"And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight even for a moment." – Pluto

Keep in mind that while twin flames do help us to experience and embrace unconditional love and grow tremendously as people, not all of us find our twin flames, and it is not necessarily that we need to find our twin flames to feel complete.

We all have a twin flame, and every twin flame relationship has a unique pattern and no other soul in the universe can claim this oneness with you except your twin flame. That’s because you are only born once, spiritually. Twin flames go through many different phases before their reunion can finally happen. Its also important to Keep in mind that every twin flame connection is different and each twin flame connection has a different mission and path. So they don’t always have to go through these phases or in this exact order either.

Stage One – Yearning for “The One”

In this stage you have this odd sense of feeling that there is someone out there who is perfectly molded to you, but you don’t know who it is, or when he or she will appear in your life. This is known to be the preliminary phase, preparing you for the arrival of your twin flame, on an unconscious level. This stage also can associate the development of self-love, self-awareness, understanding, and discovery.

Recognition\Awakening or often referred to “The honey Moon Phase” The first time they meet, They can instantly recognize that there is a familiar energy, which they both feel and reciprocate back to one another. It’s a special feeling they get when their with them, a feeling of “home” sort of speak. They feel very comfortable around them. Commonly this experience feels extremely powerful and mind blowing. They feel as if they’ve known each other for a very long time,

A whole new world opens to their soul journey. There is an awakening to their inner spirit reaching the 5D energy level. The psychic spiritual connection between these divine partners (twin flames and soulmates) is so intense and very potent. There is a complete unconditional love they feel with a total bliss for one another.

The outer Turmoil\Purging stage

In this stage the honeymoon phase is over, troubles and arguments arise. Their conversations with their twin begin to become less and they begin to become more quite and distant. Our twin Flame is the other half of our soul, (which is a human reflection of our soul’s light). Our twin flame’s mirror and share our deepest desires, dreams and needs, but they do also mirror our shadow selves as well. In this phase past issues, hurts and wounds start to purge out. But, this stage is necessary for growth to begin.

Our twin flames challenge us, bringing up our insecurities. This can be a very heart breaking, traumatizing, devastating, frustrating, painful phase that can almost feel unbearable to go through. But the Brightside on this all is that this wouldn’t be a soul connection if you didn’t experience the heartbreak from the separation. It is also necessary for our growth.

Running and Chasing

This is where one twin (usually the twin with masculine energy or the one that is less spiritual) will run from the other twin (usually it's from the one with feminine energy called to be the "chaser or stayer".) It doesn’t have to be in this order; it can be interchangeable and can also happen in other soul connections as well. It’s so important to keep in mind each connection is different and never to compare your situation with another’s.

Runners are not exactly running from the other twin, they are running from themselves. Twin flames as stated are a direct reflection of our souls, they mirror each other and bring up our past wounds, and inner issues that have never been completely dealt with. They run due to the lack of love that they fail to have in their hearts for their selves.

They are afraid to accept what they feel from their other half. Runners usually don’t understand why they are running, but they are trying to block emotions from experiencing love.

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell how long the Runner phase can go on, some can come to awakening straight away, and some can go on for a bit of a long period of time before they finally awaken.

At that point the runner just doesn’t know how to fully accept the connection for what it is and is afraid. They do feel the traumatizing hurt and sadness that the chaser or stayer feels, they just try to bury it all by running. A lot of this running and chasing is determined by the twin’s soulful maturity.

Chaser stage

Usually the twin that is more mentally and emotionally mature is known as “the chaser” or “the stayer”. The chaser doesn’t entirely understand why the runner is running away from them, and they try to understand and find out the reasons why they’re running. They are usually blaming themselves for the runner running and can start to become very insecure about what is happening with their twin or Divine Soulmate.

Mainly, the core purpose for this phase or stage if you will, is that their behavior is a reflection of what needs healing within them, whether it be to let go codependency, or clean karmic paths between both twins.

Runner and chasers life lessons

When the runner runs, there is a deep push pull, magnetic type energy that tries to bring them to merge back together. No matter what this connection cannot be severed and will always be there no matter what. Some of the times when the runner pulls back or runs, and the other twin shifts their focus on the runner, the runner is teaching the other twin to let go. If not then that makes them the runner and they are running from their self.

No one can truly answer why runner and chasers need to go through the separation; it’s part of their process. It can cause a lot of chaos, emotional pain and drama before they can finally live in pure bliss and Harmony. It's all part of purifying the soul energy and purging out the negative energy.

Release and surrender

The Twin Flame journey is all about the twin themself, letting go of the human ego, having unconditional love inside their hearts, and embracing the potential from the divine. As the ego relaxes, powerful lessons are learned about the nature of oneself and the nature of the “other.” Releasing all the judgments, fears and expectations that they hold from their other twin. This isn’t severing the ties or letting go of their connection that is impossible. But rather it helps give the twins the freedom and time to work on themselves, to clear up any personal work that they may have. As they begin learning how to work through their inner issues, the maturity of their relationship deepens and thus strengthens.

In order for the divine union to manifest, the twin must first Love themself. The first step to an awakening is accepting the divine love that they have unconditionally, and for not only their divine Soulmate but for themselves as well. It does not matter if who is the runner or the chaser, this is a soul mission that both twins are on and it takes time and energy to make it work. Its also important to know that while one twin is going through this process, they’re not alone and their divine partner is also feeling the effects and it’s a time to embrace the love that they have in their heart, sending it out to the universe. This is a time for the twin to shine and focus on themselves.

As the ego continues to relax, moral goodness such as patience, forgiveness, understanding, and empathy are learned. The more both twins work through each issue that comes their way, the more they can experience the sensation of ego death, or “oneness.” now both twins have become fully aware and enlightened of their special, sacred connection. They are now ready to come together harmoniously. They now come together physically (unless they are not on earth then it happens in the afterlife.) A new energy emerges, this new energy blends together both the ying and yang to evolve a third soul and in the end they live happily ever after together. Twin flame's unconditional love is so strong that it can actually help change the world and make it become a better place.

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