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Dealing with Narcissists In Twin flames & Soulmates

Twin flames are the most powerful soul connection there is. That is because in the very beginning, twin flames start off as one soul unite, and then divides into 2 separate souls. In most incarnations, (and if they are to meet in that incarnation,) twin flames often come as one male, and one female, giving them the chance to become one again, so to speak.

So, because of that, they have a psychic bond that they share every moment of life, causing them to make many of the same choices at the same time in their life’s, before even knowing each other.

Often twin flame relationships can have the potential to become very chaotic and painful after first stage of meeting and recognizing each other’s souls. If not handled gently, can also lead to deep agony and sheer pain.

Very often twin flame relationships become very push and pull, as each partner feels a fear of being hurt by the loss of the other, and cannot determine if they should be to push them away, or keep close. This is very common and a pattern that happens with divine connections (often referred to as the runner and chaser phase too.)

Coming into this lifetime, we don’t necessarily have the choices with the families we are brought up with, and many of times there is a defected type of energy that we are brought up with.

There are many problems and inner issues that some of us have to cope with while growing up and it is a struggle. Breaking these cycles of abuse bad issues can be a very painful, deep and emotional to try to deal with. Also A lot of the times we can carry these inner issues in each of our relationships without even realizing it! Thus this Creates the Narcissist Energy.

A narcissist is a person that is overly self involved, egotistic and often vain and selfish. They may carry many traits and signs of a narcissist.

. But, actually this narcissistic energy is a mask to try to block themselves from opening the doors to giving and receiving love to others and bringing love into their life. When they are actually just insecure and try to hide it with an ego-based energy.

A lot of the times this narcissistic energy can lead to separation from their other half, their twin flame or even soulmate. It can be a very painful experience for the other twin whom doesn’t carry narcissistic energy. These divine partners sometimes need to experience these obstacles in order to heal themselves and thus lead to soul awakening and union.

Taking a step back

When dealing with narcissistic energy, it’s advised to just take a step back and not give in. Of course practicing self-love is vital, its important not to reciprocate the same ego based, narcissistic energy back to your twin. This will only make the narcissistic energy grow. Instead, Taking a step back from the relationship and just allow them to become conscious that they are expressing narcissistic behavior. Once they do, they will come to a “soul awakening” sort of speak and reunion will then take place.

Taking a step back is actually a recovery phase and an awakening is essential in order to heal and evolve their souls into a divine union. A lot f the times twin flames and even soulmates have to go through these destructive phases in order to heal and forego divine union.

Be gentle and understanding, allow them to go where they need to because they do have karmic lessons and issues that need to be cleared up before final union can happen. And as mentioned this is all part of the process before final union takes place

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