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Tips To Attract Love & Romance For the New Year 2018

Are you single or in a relationship that may need some spark? Here are some helpful and affective tips to help attract the love and romance you desire. They will magnify your energy and get the Law of Attraction bringing out more love and romance your way.

Love Yourself

Loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you are raises your level of vibration. You will feel happy and optimistic. This in itself will automatically make you appear more desirable and attractive. K knowing how to love yourself is a very important accept in your life. After all, you can't love others if you don't love yourself first.

Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love, tell yourself "I love you" and "I am beautiful" throughout your daily activities. Feel the emotions in these words while you repeat these phrase to yourself. This will anchor not only the words but sensation of feeling love.

Overtime you condition your mind to feel love for yourself automatically wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Look at yourself in the mirror, focus on one of your eyes (this might feel weird.) Once your gaze is fixed on one of your eyes repeat to yourself "I love you." for 5 minutes. When you're locked into your own eyes, you're locked in with your true self and your mind cannot wander or escape. Talking to yourself in the mirror is like speaking to your soul.

1. Let go of Past Relationships and mistakes, Allow yourself to Learn from your mistakes

Quit blaming and beating yourself up about the past and your mistakes that might have occurred. Doing so will just cause negative patterns in future relationships to repeat themselves. Its 2018 now and it's time to clear all the mental clutter away! Start fresh so you can welcome new energy of positive light into your life.

Create a vision board

A vision board can be a great manifestation tool when properly applied. With a vision board you are creating focus on what you desire. It's a visual representation of your affirmation of what you want.

Find pictures, or words that represent the qualities you want in the ideal person. Try to focus on the inner qualities you want in your loved one rather than the outside qualities like looks and appearance. With a vision board, This can help unite your soul center and raise your energy vibrations.

Feel The love

If you want to manifest new love in the new year, set some time aside everyday to feel your new relationship in your heart. Know that you're worthy of a beautiful relationship and Get to know it before it even comes, This is strongly calling that experience to you. It's also sending out a message to the Universe that you're serious about having a relationship, it will also intensify your desire and passion, and Passion gives you motivation.

Buy Yourself Flowers & Take Yourself Out On A Date

By surrounding yourself with of beautiful and fresh flowers you are automatically raising your vibrations and is also great for attracting luck too. Not only that, why not take yourself out on a date to the movies. Watch something that will make you feel good, such as a comedy. This is also a great way to strengthen levels of self love too.


Smiling automatically makes you appear more attractive to others, and even when you don't feel like smiling just smile! its scientifically proven that it will cause you to feel more happy.

Remember that your happiness is the most important priority in your life. and whenever you are feeling positive you are attracting positive energy to come into your life.

Challenge Yours Fears and Doubts About Love and Relationships

If you want to create a new, fresh love in 2018, you can't ignore your fears in love, instead you need to look your fears in the eye and challenge their validity. Whenever you get those "I'm not good enough" or "I can't seem to find love" ask yourself these questions, are these beliefs really true? Or could it be that they're just you're fears? See if you can imagine that another reality can exist.

When you question the validity of your fears, you are leaving them behind and putting yourself on the path to creating a better love than you could ever imagined.

Using The Law of Attraction

To bring in positive energy, raise your vibrations and appear more desirable you must change the energy around you as well as your thoughts.

Whenever we send out positive vibrations through our feelings, emotions, and thoughts. We are attracting love and positivity to enter our lives. To attract love and bring in positive energy, you must first change the energy around you.

Everything in this world is made from energy and that includes us too. People can pick up your energy through your feelings, emotions and thoughts. So when you feel positive, you will be attracting positive people and positive situations into your life. the same goes for negative energy , When you start thinking negative and doubtful you will attract negative people or situations into your life.

Start by sorting out your thoughts and replacing the bad with the good, you’ll be attracting positive people, loving relationships, romance, and positive energy as well.

Become Your Soulmate!

Become the person you would like to meet. If you want to be with someone who's happy and faithful, then start acing happy and faithful.

Feng Shui

Practicing feng shui in your home is a great way to attract love and romance into your life. Some great feng shui tips are:

1.) Making sure both sides of your bed are easily accessible. avoid placing your bed in a corner because you or your partner will feel trapped.​

2.) Check your closets and drawers. Is there any free space? A closet that has some open room and a free flow of feng shui energy, allows your loved one to store his or her items. Honor the empty small space and make out a dresser drawer or a shelf that's not yours. You don't need room for two people to live there but, just a small amount of room this can also attract wealth and opportunity as well.

3.) Another great tip is to avoid single imagery in artwork, photographs as well as singular objects in your bedroom. This is creating partnership around you and you don't want to promote the energy of a singularity.. Instead try to add pairs to everything, such as night stands, lamps, and chairs. Make sure your artwork and photos are inspiring and uplifting, not violent and sad.

Using crystals

Crystals discharge natural energy, They're are basically expressions of chemical energy, rather than having energy. Some even say "they are energy.” Each crystal has an identity and energy unique unto it. The same way that the energy within crystals can be transferred to our chakras to heal ailments and pains, energies of certain crystals can be used to attract things in the universe – things like love, wealth, good health, and success. Some great and beautiful crystals to attract love and romance are : Pink nirvana quartz, red jasper, rose light, ruby, pink topaz, watermelon tourmaline, kunzite, Green Aventurine and of course my favorite rose quartz.

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