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How You Can Stop Obsessing Over Your Twin Flame and Bring Them Back Into Your Life

Lets just be honest, dealing with twin flame separation can be excruciating, especially when it’s your first time dealing with it. Often times you can find yourself obsessing over them while you're apart from them. Either cyber stalking, sending them messages when they’ve asked you not to, not respecting their boundaries, constantly thinking of them sexually, and feeling as if you cant move on.

But actually, dealing with twin flame separation be a good thing because it can bring you the main cause of all of this obsessing and help you understand what you need to work on in your self. It is your fear of loss, and as long as you have this fear it will continue to come up.

It can brutal being the chaser\stayer in the running and chasing phase, hearing them say such hurtful negative words to you, seeing them be in another relationship, or are just completely ignoring you. But

Dealing with twin flame relationships can be lost brings us to the real cause of all this obsessing. I know you think your twin has left you for good But, this is not meant personally. It isn’t how they truly feel towards you. It is all part of the twin flame process in so that everything that is said and done is actually to help you heal from your inner child and past life wounding.

All of this hurt and wounding in Twin Flames is activated through their strong love for one another, not through purposefully hurting each other.

You will see that most twin flame distance comes along with deep twin closeness, because the deep love they experience when connecting purges out all the energies from this lifetime and the lifetimes from before are not in alignment with the high vibration of Twin Flame love (which is unconditional love). So that is why twin sex and other forms of emotional bonding between the twins often activates deeply and causes energetic disharmony between the twin couple.

Focusing and over obsessing of your twin is just the matter of your own inner wounds that are actually pulling you closer so that way you can realize and be aware of them and that you can clear and heal them. Focusing on your inner energy and not on reacting to things (especially with your twin flame) that is when you begin to heal your twin flame runner pain. Coping with your own inner wounds not only helps you get you out of your agitated energy and back in balance and harmony again. But it can help you bring your twin flame back into your life.

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