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Release and Surrender For Twin Flame Ascension

Release and surrendering to your twin flame runner will help the both of you on your soul journey and become more aligned with them. It is a healing process. It is giving the runner the freedom and space to run. You are Surrendering to the expectation, the time frame, and instead letting the universe guide you. Start paying attention the signs around you. The signs are what will guide you and they come in various forms. The signs will guide you to the next turn you need to take or person to talk to,

Everything that you are going through right now is preparation for the next moment and the next relationship. Every challenge you may be facing right now has its purpose. Remember that Challenges are actually opportunities for growth. Once we do this then it becomes easier for us to look at everything that has happened and know that it is perfect because its brought us to who we are now and we couldn’t have done it without those things.

If you can try see this as the holy experience it is, and instead embrace it, despite the agony, pain, doubts and fears, and instead just allow it to do it's job, you will be transcended to a higher soul vibration.

Just let your ego, fears and judgments you may carry go to the Higher Powers, and instead just let them to control your destiny. Be willing to wait for them to come to you. The energy will do the rest for you because in true Twin Flames, you cannot bear to be apart for long length of time. But you can’t fight the runner and chaser stage either. Just employ patience, calmness, and focus, and you CAN and WILL have it all.

The main purpose of this stage is to allow you to release that human ego, and embrace the potential of the divine and the destined. It may be painful and scary for you at first but you have to Go through this so you can become the person you are meant to be and then your twin will then become spiritually enlightened and run back to you. They feel pain just as much as you are; they feel that deep emptiness inside them just as much as you feel. The runner feels their twin flame no matter how much they run. But this process has to be completed for their reunion to take place.

It is vital that you balance yourself and not concentrate on when and how they will be back, but rather focusing on yourself. It may feel like you’re going around in circles and that it’s going on forever and will not come to end of chasing and running, but trust me, there will come a time when the runner does stop running.

Often times it can go through a very short process where they complete their karmic lessons, their soul contracts, finally fulfill their destiny and come together as one. Or for many it may take time for them to pass their tests they’re faced with and understand their life lessons.

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