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Coping With Separation From Your Twin Flame

Meeting with your twin flame is very special and sacred; it’s a beautiful feeling. You can feel a mix of emotions when you encounter your twin, its like you’ve known them all your life and that you feel almost as if you are “home” when you’re with them. It’s very a very beautiful feeling when you meet your twin flame, its exuberant. Some even may say it’s a mixed feeling of both ecstasy and relief.

So, because of this intense connection that the twin flames share, often twin flames will begin to go in the runner and chaser stage. This is where one of the twins (usually the one with masculine energy) doesn’t understand the connection and becomes overwhelmed with it, and then will separate from their twin. While the other twin (usually the twin that has the feminine energy) that is fully aware and understand this connection will chase after the other twin known as the chaser, or even called the stayer. But it does not have to be in this order and it can be interchangeable.

The twin flame connection becomes more intense during this pulling and pushing process of the running and chasing stage. Often times it can go into a cycle of reuniting and detaching from one another, sometimes it can even go on for years with this merry go round with your twin. However it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some tips and information that can help you on your twin flame journey and can help ease the process too of being separated from your twin flame and even your soulmate as well.

1.) Love Yourself

One of the main keys to surviving the twin flame separation is to love yourself. It is so important to love yourself, be your best friend, and enjoy your time alone. How can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself first? When you truly love yourself you can love others and attract the person you really want in your life.

2.) Get Connected to Your Higher Self

Get connected to your higher self. You can do this just by practicing yoga, praying, and meditating. It can help bring you two together, connect you two to the universe and can even help awaken their spirit.

3.) Have Gratitude

Be grateful for everything in your life, whether it is big or small. Even be grateful that you’ve met your twin flame too because its not always often that you come to meet them in the same life time. Once you express gratitude you will find it easier to cope with. Remind yourself that you and your twin are already together just by the definition of twin flames and that the physical distance is no issue for spiritual closeness.

4.) Express Your Emotions By Actively Experiencing Them

If you’re experiencing extremely uncomfortable emotions such as depression, anger and grief, then is encouraging you to not stay static and Instead get moving! This is one of the most powerful ways to heal. It is called actively experience your emotions. Some ways you can do are through painting, dancing, drawing, gardening, singing, cooking, kickboxing, running, weightlifting, cardio, or any other form of exercise.

5.) Believe and Trust In Divine Timing

Your twin flame will appear when you trust, believe and hope with your heart. You have to trust in the divine timing.

6.) Be Loving

Be loving and kind to not only yourself but others as well. Let go of the idea on how love should be and instead just allow what it is. You will become more attractive to others as well.

7.) Follow Your Dreams and Goals

Find what really motivates and drives you. What are you most passionate about? What are your hopes and dreams? Find out what they are go after them. This again will make you become much more attractive to both your twin flame and your soulmate(s).

8.) Pain DOES Help

Being apart your twin flame can cause great, deep, immense pain, so deep it can make you start to blame yourself and be angered by yourself. But, that is not the case. Pain reveals to you the parts that are within yourself that haven’t healed yet. It shows you what you need to work and heal on. It brings you the truth of what is there: your insecurities, beliefs, wounds, attachments, and past issues. Pain actually helps, it reveals to you the false pretense and illusions and uncovers of what is there. Pain gives birth to courage, boldness, and strength.

9.) Your Twin Flame Is Not Responsible For Your Happiness

Let Go Of The Idea that You Need Your Twin flame In Order To Be Happy

Sadly, a myth that is very common about twin flames is that we somehow need them to be happy and complete. This is totally wrong. Spiritual Wholeness and fulfillment can be achieved without having your twin flame in your life.

10.) Surrender

Just love your twin, just for whom they are and regardless of the hurt you feel from them. Be gentle and soft, allow them to run. When you learn to love them without conditions or expectations your energies with your twin will begin to align, because there is no despair just love and trust.

11.) Let go Of Your Ego

When your ego is in control you experience fears, doubts, confusions, and worries about your Twin flame Relationship ever working out. Instead twin flames need to Let go of their ego, Once one twin finally realizes that they need to let go of their ego it will then reflect back the other twin and will help the reunification process.

12.) Eat a Healthy and Clean Diet

Clean eating keeps your physical body open to a more spiritual and psychic energy. Try to eat more vegetables, fruits, lean cuts of meats, whole grains, and healthy fats such as avocados and coconut oils. Stay away from processed foods like frozen meals and boxed or canned foods. Eat foods to their most natural and whole state.

13.) Affirmations

In order to vibrate twin flame love, you have to eliminate and heal from any unresolved past issues, they can be affiliated with family, childhood, and self esteem issues. Affirming affirmations are a powerful tool to eliminate them out of your subconscious, DNA, cells, aura and water. Some really great affirmations to say are:

"My twin flame reunion happens now"

"I love myself"

"I allow my twin flame reunion to happen naturally"

"I am loved"

"I am divinely perfect"

"I unblock all old twin flame karmas"

Keep repeating these kinds of affirmations to yourself. The more you keep inserting them in your mind the more your brain will have nothing else to think but these positive thoughts thus attracting all things alike. Say these affirmations during night and morning or even during the day. Just keep telling yourself them as much as possible.

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