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Tips To Attract Your Soulmate, Love, & Abundance

Majority of the world thinks soulmate relationships are just all created out of thin air and that is totally not the case.

First, the word soulmate alone gives us the basic definition of what a soulmate is. A soul is your immortal aspect, what’s part of you internally and a mate is someone whom you may associate with. You can have a numerous amount of them and they can be a friend, neighbor, family, coworker, Classmate or even a spouse.

Soulmates are sent to us for many different reasons, to help us learn in life, grow spiritually, and balance karmic energies that may have bonded us. Soulmates incarnate lifetimes until these karmic bonds are at balance. Here listed are a few ways that can help you attract your soulmate, love and abundance into your life.

Practice Being A Magnet Of Love.

Love is what you are and the people you attract are a reflection of who you are. Practice being a magnet of love by thinking positive thoughts, being cheerful and do everything with love and compassion.

Think of the first time you fell in love, just truly feel how wonderful and beautiful it was, and then just immediately act upon it! Just act like you are already in love with your soulmate. Visualize your soulmate is here right beside you and imagine how great it feels for you to be loved by them. Imagine you are close and intimate within your soulmate, allow yourself to feel and think of them, when you imagine it becomes real. You will manifest love and abundance in your life, and you will become a magnet for it.

Love Yourself

The best way to attract new love into you life is by loving yourself. You can’t give out love to others if you don’t love yourself first! Try practicing ways to love yourself, telling yourself everyday daily positive affirmations, repeating them to yourself even if you don’t feel like it. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself things like “ I love you” and “I am beautiful.” The more you say this to yourself the more your subconscious has no other way but to think this and thus you will start to love yourself. Think of yourself when you were a baby and how much you love and adore that person. Be gentle to your soul, nourish your body with healthy good foods, avoid telling yourself any negative comments, and if you do quickly say to yourself “delete, delete, delete” and replace that comment with something great about yourself. It can be tough at the start but gets much easier to do over time. J

Believe In Yourself

What you believe, you achieve. Believing in yourself is a requirement for success in every area of your life. If you believe that you will attract the right person, then you will succeed. But, if you believe that there is no right person for you, then, you will attract all the wrong people.

Pay close attention on how you talk to yourself, ask yourself is it positive or negative? Whenever you hear that tiny little voice inside you that says you cant, you’re not good enough, or just makes you have doubt, acknowledge that and ask yourself if it is true. After immediately change that negative thought and make into be a loving and positive thought.

Believe that you can attract love into your life and that you are love, loving and lovable person. Believe that you are worthy of love and deserve to be cherished and you will have it!

Make A Crystal Grid

Another great way to attract love into your life is to make a crystal grid. Crystal grids are a great way to attract what you want in life. Just simply get out a piece of paper and write down a positive affirmation on it like “I attract the right person to come to me now” and then place a rose quartz on top. Try to get this crystal to be pyramid shape so that it sends out the energy into the universe. Then, surround this crystal with pink stones in a heart shape. Keep this grid out where you can see it every day knowing and affirming that you are attracting your new love into your life.

Let Go Of Old Relationships

Its important to let go of past relationships and release the negativity that you may hold inside. If you want to invite love in you have to release the emotions of anger, hurt, mistrust, guilt and resentment. They can be very powerful and set up blocks in our auric field that gives potential new partners that “stay away” “reserved” type of vibe, which is totally unattractive.

There are many ways you can do so, such as get rid of everything your ex gave you. Either donate or throw away these things, and if you cant on certain things then just box it up with a black ribbon over it, (black is protective and grounding.) then write a letter to your ex and tell them everything you want, once you are finished rip the letter or burn it. Let go of your past, it’s not present anymore, look forwards to the future. Don’t compare your past and keep revisiting the negative events that happened

Be Happy

When you are doing things that make you happy, you are more of a magnet to attract love than when you are feeling depressed, angry, or even worried. Love attracts more love. Joy attracts more of the same. Fill yourself with love and joy. People like being around happy people and those who show love to others attract more love just by showing it. Smile, even if you don’t feel like it, automatically it puts you in a good mood. Another great way to feel good (this one is one of my favorites) is to tap each of your fingers with your thumb repeating to yourself “all happiness begins with me.” Instantly you will start feeling positive and start radiating positive energy.


Another great way to attract your soulmate, love and abundance in your life is to get yourself and your environment around you prepared. Make room in your house, clean your surroundings, and keep your own self looking polished for your partner. Its just like when you expect guests out of town coming, what do you do? You get prepared! To become a strong magnet for love and attract your soulmate you have to get yourself, environment, life, and home to receive a mate. Some great ways to help are practicing good feng shui too.

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