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Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening or often times referred to as a spiritual enlightment have been used in many different ways, some may say it’s a moment when they come to see and finally realize what someone or something’s really are, or they can be something that we finally let go of and we now see the truth that has been revealed, or it can even be when we finally find clarity onto our selves or a particular situation.

Basically a spiritual awakening (or enlightment) is when you realize you are more than just human, you are a spiritual being and when you live in the mind or ego you are asleep.

Some of the Signs of a spiritual awakening are:

Being Self Sustained

Having self control and to not depend on past influences, experiences or habits that may only offer temporary happiness or reliefe, one can truly xperience happiness of the soul. Some examples of not having self control may be addiction to alchohol, drugs, unhealthy eating habits, an unhealthy addiction to spending, etc.

But, instead we look to the things that can bring everlasting happiness and satisfaction to our lives.

Most often these times require a bit of a challenge like exercise - it may be difficult once you start but later will bring positive results, both physically, emotionally and mentally.


Those that look to Contributing to the environment, striving to better help others, having the willingness to understand and wanting to learn have all accomplished a spiritual awakening.

Also they never think that they know more than the other person, (remember that a wise person knows that there is something that can be learned from everyone!)

Having Unconditional Love

People that are spiritually awakened live in peace with with all living beings, nature and people. Loving everyone and thing equally, regardless of race, nationality, religion, or any other boundary that tries to separate us all from equality.

Love results in great freedom, but only comes when we quiet our minds.

When we inherit Love, goodwill and mercy we can bring peace and harmony on all personal and enviormental levels.

Having Non-attachment

Being Part of spiritual awakening is having mental freedom from possessions. Not feeling you need something to complete you and instead having the feeling of wholeness. By practicing non-attachment, one can enjoy things and perform material duties with a sense of service rather than feeling an obligation or personal gain.

Having Self Knowledge

By being aware in each present moment of one’s thoughts, intentions, and desires, one can begin to eliminate any unwanted personal qualities and give life to new traits that lead to extreme happiness.

Paying Attention to the Types of Foods You Eat

When spiritual awakened, you notice that you are more attracted to the foods that nourish your body such as fresh vegetables, fruits, cruelty free pieces of meats and gluten free foods. The foods that make our bodies feel good and energized.

Each type of food has its ownenergy, so when we raise our energy vibrations we are then more attracted to the foods that match our current vibrations.

Instead you reject anything that has aspartame, chemicals, pesitcides and refined flours. Our bodies naturally don’t want to eat it anymore, and if we do, our body reacts strongly to it (in some cases may even develop new allergies or food intolerances). Instead we are more drawn to healthy, natural, organic foods.

You experience more synchronicities

When awakened you may see frequently repeating numbers such as 11:11, 2:22, 12:12, etc. Or maby you will have a certain song stuck in your head and then immediately you hear it on the radio or tv. These are signs from the universe letting you know that you are on the right path and you are in tuned with Earth’s energies.

Wanting to be away from Anything Or Anyone Toxic

Sometimes there may be people in your life that you may feel drain all your energy and take away that feeling of happiness from you, they may always be constantly complaining to you, or try to influence you to do negative, self harming things. But, when you are spiritually awakened you have no need in wanting to be around them. This is because you are ultra sensitive and you have no time for negativity and drama roaming around you constant.

Feeling the need to be outside around nature

When you are outside around nature you ultimately feel calmer and at ease, this is because you are connected to earth and it’s beings. Being around nature helps calm and soothes you. Also helps you feel more creative too!

Understanding Others Perspectives

When spiritually awakened you ultimately look to empathize with others and understand life from their perspective.

Letting Go of Being High Maintenance

You start to enjoy the little things in life and no longer feel the need to be high maintenance.

Spiritual awakening is a major event in the lives of people because it reveals a purpose for their existence. To solve life’s complications, to see the miracle in everyday experience, expressing gratitude for the gift of life, we look to fulfill the soul’s craving for union and just then we ultimately find our way home is the true authentic meaning of a spiritual awakening and enlightment. .

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