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Cancer New Moon On July 4

Happy Birthday America! There's a new moon coming up this July 4 in the watery zodiac sign of cancer. Cancers are the first water sign in the zodiac and they are highly emotional, (just like the other two water signs (Scorpio and Pisces.) They carry a motherly energy relating to taking care of others, protection, and family. They are creative, and feel deeply. Cancers are the most feminine sign out of the zodiac, they're know as the "warriors of love" or even called "the moon child".

With this new moon it is calling us to bring our attention to our self care, how do you nurture and take care of yourself? Are you neglecting your own needs while trying to please others? Are you getting enough hours of sleep through the day? Are you saying positive things about yourself? This new moon is asking us to be kind and loving to ourselves, nurture your body by feeding it healthy and wholesome foods, detoxify your body by exercising and meditating. Surround yourself with positive people, those that make you feel good about yourself and do not drain your energy. You can read more on self care here.

This new moon is also calling you to have balance, with both your male and feminine energies, having balance in both your male and female energies will empower you and heal the broken pieces in you and you can do this all by simply following your intuition, and listening to your heart. Just allow your heart's desires to lead the way for you.

With this new moon, Your feelings can also be very intense at the time, but it will also enhance your mind with clarity. Speak in a non violent way, speak with both power and passion. Do not gossip, nor judge others, instead use your words to enlighten, heal and motivate others.

This is as well is a wonderful time to start setting New intentions, making plans, and taking action in relating to what you would like o grow in your life and its best to do this as closest to the minute of the new moon. But of course it can also be done over the next following 24 hours too. Your intentions and actions can develop further as the moon's light expands and grows. But how everything unfolds for each individual also depends on how one is being influences by the astrologic sign,

Cancers are connected to the moon, they can be known as "the queen of mother nature." Mother nature relates to the forces that rule over all things natural and nature. This is a really good time to start connecting with mother nature and to try to give back to your community, start recycling papers and plastics in your home, or even plant flowers outside. Try taking long walks in nature, or just spend some quality time with your family outside in your backyard or beach.

I wish you all to have a wonderful weekend and enjoyable holiday with your friends, and family.

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