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Ending Separation From Your Twin Flame and How You Can Heal Each other

A twin flame connection is so intense that their energies mirror and reflect back at each other. They share a special soul mate connection that cannot be duplicated. They love each other so much that their energies mirror and reflect within them. They can also feel each other's energy and emotions at times.

If you pay close attention to your twin's behavior, words, beliefs, and fears, then you can see that they are actually showing you something. If any of these things that he\she may say that sound familiar then they are actually revealing to you something that you may have forgotten about your own self or what you already are that needs healing within you. Twin flames can instantly heal each other.

Most often twin flames can go through the running and chasing stage, where one twin (commonly known as the one with masculine energy) will run from the other twin (which is most often referred to as the one with feminine energy) will chase after. But they're actually both running from themselves because their reflecting back at each other. They see their own self in their twin flame and are scared, they do not love themselves.

Really and truly it only takes self love to see all the patterns, and love for both of you to heal Your relationship with your twin flame can only ever be as potent and powerful as the foundation of your own self-love.

It takes deep understanding and self love to heal a twin flame relationship. To give love, we must have love. In order for twin flames to have a lasting and harmonious physical reunion, it is necessary that both twin flames have completed unconditional self love.

To love yourself is to honor and maintain your values and boundaries. Self love requires you to forgive yourself, for past mistakes, judgments, fears and running. it does not mean to be egotistic, always putting yourself first instead of others, always thinking you're right and the other person is wrong, or having everything you want and win. No, Instead it is about embracing and accepting who you truly are and all of your flaws. Letting go of all the fears and hurt you may carry deep inside. You have to be your own best friend.

It is enough for one twin flame to heal in order to heal both twin flames. Once one or both twin flames begin to heal the transformation can happen instantly in seconds or in a day, they can finally stop running and hiding from each other. Their reunion can finally begin.

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