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Super Moon In Aries On April 7

This April 7th, we’re going to be encountering a New Moon, in the fiery zodiac sign of Aries. not only is it going to be a full moon but it will also be a supermom. This means it's at its closest possible point to earth and will appear 30% brighter, making it's influences even more powerful.

This new moon in Aries is all about you and here are some tips and ways you can take full advantage of this new moon's potent energy.

Speak Your Mind and Share Your Ideas

Aries energy is all about taking charge, leadership, and boldly putting out your ideas and thoughts. This is a day where big risks bring in great rewards.

Releasing Anger

This full moon carries the warrior energy of Aries and may make us feel a bit angry or frustrated. This new moon is a great time to start releasing our anger (in a healthy way of course.) There are so many things you can do, one way is to start kickboxing, martial arts, running, weight training, and any other kind of high intensity sport or exercise.

Be cautious On Being Too Impulsive

Aries rules the head area and with the fundamental energies abroad, you might get the urge to do something edgy with your hair and make a statement. Try on different head pieces such as hats, scarves, or a funky headband.

Talk With Love, Not Anger

During this full moon, you may feel quiet aggressive and angry. The main thing you try do during this period is to act and respond with love, not with anger. You can speak your truth with kindness. try to act for what you want, instead of acting against what you don’t want.

Speak up, Say What's On Your Mind

The Aries full moon calls you to have courage and speak up! Break down your fears that you may have and just talk and speak up on what's bothering you or maybe something that's been on your mind. Don't be afraid.

Let Go

Aries is a fire sign, fire destroys and cleanses which means this is a great time to release and let go of the things that no longer serve you.

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