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11:11 Twin Flame Meaning & Journey

Have you ever noticed you've been seeing the repetitive numbers 1111 or 111, 2222, 1212, or even 3333 in any form of way? It can appear on your phones, clocks, calendars or even on license plates.

Well, this is definitely not a coincidence and you are definitely not the only one seeing this. Many people from everywhere around the world have been seeing this too.

It can be many different reasons why you and many others are seeing this. Often times the universe will try to communicate with us using different number patterns and sequences. Many of the reasons why you may be seeing the number sequence 11:11 is because you are coming to a spiritual awakening, and the universe wants you to get prepared and pay attention for it. You will now begin to realize and understand what is right and what is wrong.

This time can also be calling you to stop reliving the past, stay in the "now" present moment. Listen to your intuition and heart. Let go of the burdens and things that no longer serve you in your life and can also signal that you are doing the right thing and are on the right path in your life.

The number sequence 11:11 also has a strong meaning with soul mates and twin flames. Seeing this number sequence lets us know that our relationship with our soulmate or twin flame is going to come in our lives. We may get a deep feeling that something is about to take place, or change. This is your spirit guides helping your twin flame (or twin soul) to start "waking up" and is even helping you spiritually too.

While this is all happening, just try to "go with the flow" sort of speak, live in the present moment of your life, and allow everything to take place when its time. Try to pay attention to the dreams or visions you may get at certain times too. But try to not over think, or over analyze on everything for what it is either.

Keep patient and positive, live your life in the present moment and continue from where you are in your life. Everything is working and will happen according to the divine light and timing.

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