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Leap Year 2016 and It's Spiritual Meaning

This Sunday, February 29th is leap day. Years that have leap day are called leap years and they land on February 29th. This year 2016 is a leap year, the last leap year we encountered was 2012. A leap year is a year with 366 days instead of the usual 365. Leap years are necessary because they help balance and synchronize our calendar with Earth's orbit around the sun and the actual passing seasons.

The traces of the 365 day calander with a leap year was first invented by the Egyptians in the Egyptian empire. The goal was to make a calendar that copied he solar calendar allowing them to keep their seasons on the right track. Later after 3,000 years, in 45 BC Julius Caesar then created a 12 month calendar with 365 days based off from the Egyptian calendar. But then after he realized that the earth actually has 365.24 days per year rather than 365. So to correct this and make sure our calendar stayed in correct alignment with our seasons, he then declared that an extra day was to be added every 4 years.

But then after the Julian calendar got miscalculated and became 24 days out of sync with the arranged dates of astronomical events like the solstices, equinoxes, and important religious holidays. So to fix this the Gregorian calendar was invented in 1582, this realigned all the events like winter solstice and vernal equinox.

The actual length of a year is 3665.242 days not 365 days. Leap years happen every 4 years and are on years that are evenly divisibly by 4. An extra day added to the calendar every four years at leap year helps balance and synchronize the calendar year with Earth’s orbit around the sun. The extra days are added in accordance with guidelines that were created by the Gregorian colander.

If we didn't have this added day, we would have much confusion on our weather, hours of daylight, and our seasons would also move back in the calendar too.

People that are born on February 29th are called leaplings or leapers and they are born near the tenth degree of the zodiac sign Pisces. People that are born on this day have very unique and creative energy. Leapers or Leaplings are believed to be very lucky, intuitive, psychic, and have special talents.

There's also a special tradition held in many countries of Europe on February 29th known as " bachelor's day" this day gives permission for the women to propose marriage to men on Leap day.

If a woman is denied by the man then they have to pay a penalty, of either buying them a gown or giving them money. It is also said that if a man refuses a woman's proposal on February 29th, then they must buy them 12 pairs of gloves so she can hide the embarrassment of not having an engagement ring. .

During this time through February 28th through March 1st is a wonderful time to release any past wounds and issues you may be holding on to, stop self doubting yourself, and to let go of the things that didn't go your way in the past. This time is calling us to be willing to let go, surrender to what we have been fighting and trying to keep away from, accept with what was and try to just "go with the flow."

If we embrace this time then we can expect positive changes to happen as well with positive energy to flow through our lives.

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