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Tips For Loving Yourself

Loving yourself is one of the most important aspects in life. You cannot give out love to one another if you don't love yourself first. Self love goes hand and hand with self awareness, self acceptance, kindness, and respect for yourself. It's the idea that you are worthy of self respect and that you treat yourself with gentleness, kindness, and care.

when we are given love it can have the power to stop us from loosing at ourselves in a negative way. It eliminates us from self doubt, depression, loneliness, self-hatred, and any harmful or hurtful feelings that we may feel. It also lessens that feeling that no one cares or that we are alone. For when we love ourselves unconditionally we are complete, and do not need other's acceptance or approval.

Most often having a lack of self love is often the root of many people's problems. It can give a person a dangerous dependence on others for confirmation and acceptance. Many of the times this just makes them set aside their own needs in order to get other people's approval. Not putting your own needs first, saying negative comments about yourself, trying to be something that you are not, focusing too much on the past, doubting yourself and looking for other's approval are things that need to be eliminated in order to start loving yourself.

Having love for yourself can help speed the process of uniting with your twin flame and attract your soul mate as well. Twin flames are the mirror reflection of one another, they see themselves through each other.

Some of the times when one or both twin flames don't have self love for themselves they then become overwhelmed and scared with this connection and begin to run away from their twin. This is most often referred to as the runner and chaser dynamic.

It's also a way of attracting positive love in your life. You cannot give out love if you do not love yourself first. Here are some tips to help you start loving yourself and to help you unite with your twin flame.

1.) Start by let go of past mistakes you've made remember sometimes things happen for a reason

2.) Tell yourself positive affirmations, remember that positive thoughts attract positive energy. So the more you tell yourself positive affirmations the more your mind will have no choice but to think positive thoughts. Thus this draws in positive energy.

3.) Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts as much as possible.

4.) Pick something that you like about yourself and accentuate it. If there is something that you don't like about yourself then try to find a way to fix it. Just remember no one in the world is perfect, everyone in the universe has some kind flaw.

5.) Appreciate all your talents, beauty, and body.

6.) Think of when you were a baby and love that baby.

7.) Don't let outsiders or people that don't matter to you ruin your day

8.) Be your own BFF

9.) Expand your interests and knowledge, try something different or try learning a new language.

10.) Start eating a clean diet, eliminate all processed and boxed foods, white pastas, and breads and replace them whole wheat breads and pastas. Try to eat at home as much as possible, stay away from fast food and commercial restaurants. Stick to whole natural foods like fruits, veggies lean meats, and low fat dairy products (get organic when possible.) When you eat a clean diet your body will greatly appreciate it. You will notice a big difference on how you feel and look. Always ask yourself before you eat "how is this going to make my body feel?" You will become more aware and conscious of what you eat.

11.) Look at yourself every day in the mirror and tell yourself "I love you" and "I am beautiful" even when you don't feel like it.

12.) Start getting into a fitness regimen, start going to the gym or join a fitness class. Exercising is a great way to release negativity and puts endorphins in your brain. Not only that you will notice a difference on how your body feels and looks.

13.) Be patient and trust yourself.

14.) Wake up every day and be grateful for another day. Just think no matter what you are going through there are far worst things in life. Make the most of your day, live like there is no tommorow.

15.) Enhance your physical appearance, make yourself look special.

16.) Do the things that you love to do.

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