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Affirmations To Attract Your Twin Flames and Soulmates

Affirmations are a very powerful tool when it comes to attracting your soulmate or twin Flame. Self-love affirmations clear out low self esteem, and past negative issues that can be stuck in your aura, subconscious, DNA and cells. In order to vibrate at soulmate or twin flame love, , you must heal and get rid of all of these old toxins from your past, and using affirmations are a power way to do so.

Become grateful for your body, acting loving towards it is a powerful way to attract your Twin Flame or soulmate. Accepting and loving yourself at everything is so important. Even if you are' single you are in a relationship with your own body. In the very beginning Your soul was incarnated into your body but also into another body, your other half ( your twin flame)

As with all other law of attraction efforts, attracting your twin flame or soulmate depends mainly on what your energy vibrates. What you believe and how you think is the energy you vibrate. So, If you constantly think negative, doubt yourself and you don’t think you deserve to find that special someone you are meant to be with then it is far less likely to happen. Not only does this negativity manifest itself into reality, but the negativity is picked up on by others and they will subconsciously be pulled away by the energy.

The main idea is to not only change your strong beliefs about yourself, but also to emit a positive and alluring energy that naturally attracts people to you. These positive affirmations to help you attract your soul mate will help you with both of these things.

And If you sincerely apply these affirmations they will give you a big head start in achieving the necessary mindset needed to attract the 1 person you are destined to spend your life with.

In a short time you will find yourself naturally emitting a positive, engaging, and loving energy that easily and effortlessly attracts people to you, you will believe deeply that you and your soul mate will be together soon, and this will manifest itself into reality. The higher you vibrate, the more faster you will attract all of your desires, needs, and wishes, and as time goes, you will find that without consciously realizing it, you will become a more loving, person and attract more loving people in your life.

Here are some affirmations that you can tell yourself daily, or you can even make up your own there is no limit on affirmations. Just as long as you keep saying your affirmations daily, as much as you can, Even when you do not feel like it, just repeat them to yourself. Morning and night are really good times to practice affirmations. You can write them on paper, jot them in a journal, say them to yourself while you are doing daily activities, or even when you are working out.

Affirmations For Loving Yourself

I love myself and everybody in returns love me

I am beautiful

I am strong

I have the potential to succeed in anything I wish to accomplish

I am proud of my accomplishments

I am my love and my love is me. I am grateful for my own love and for the love surrounding me

I accept and embrace all my imperfections

I am whole, perfect, strong, happy, I loving and harmonious

Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

I am my own unique self- special, creative, and wonderful

I believe myself and so do others

I am strong in mind, body, and spirit

I do not need anyone's approval

I compare myself to my highest self

I achieve my goals

I am the best me there is

I can do it I know I can

The best is yet to come

Today I will make magic happen

I express joy and life returns the favor

Nothing will hold me back from having a good day

I choose love, joy, and open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life

I completely trust in my ability to face any challenges

I can do all things within Christ whom strengthen me

I trust in my ability to make the best decisions for me

I am in charge of my mind

I do not compare myself to others

I am happy

I am blessed

I am always improving

I am gentle, kind and comforting to my inner child, as I uncover and release the old negative messages within me

I accept and love myself unconditionally no matter what

I am too big of a gift to the world to waste my time on self pity and sadness

I let go of negative self talk

I am worthy

I am important

I deserve love and I get it in abundance

I empathize with others

I love and accept myself for who I am, as I am. It is not my ego that I love, rather it is what is divine in me, the purity of my being. I take the time to care for myself, ad to enjoy life. In doing so I stop searching for the external things that create only an illusion of filling my emptiness

Soulmate and Twinflame Affirmations

My soul mate\ twin flame is strongly attracted to me

I rest assured in the knowledge that I will reunite with my Twin Flame in Divine Timing.

I am reuniting with my Twin Flame in Divine Timing.

My soulmate\twin flame is the love of my life and the center of my universe, he\she loves me

as much as I love him\her

I am holding my Twin Flame in my arms in Divine Timing.

Divine Timing is making sure that my Twin Flame and I come together in the best of all possible moments.

My heart is always open and I radiate love

I am now sending loving, healing, uplifting, strengthening, protective energy in abundance to my Twin Flame.

I see everything with loving eyes

I understand my soulmate\twin flame perfectly as I am able to see his\her punt of view

Gratitude opens up many door and my heart is filled with all the keys

As I heal my beloved Self I heal my beloved Twin Flame connection

I am surrounded by love and everything is fine.

All my relationships are long lasting and loving

I see everything with loving eyes and I love everything I see

I encounter love in all of my relationships and I love these encounters

Everywhere I go I find love. Life is joyous

My partner and I are perfect match for each other and the love between us is divine

I radiate pure, unconditional love to my soulmate\twin flame and s\he radiates love to me. We complement each other

I always express my feelings openly to my partner, that way s\he doesn't have to guess anything

Whatever be my relationship, love and forgiveness is the foundation of that relationship

In all of my relationship, with my partner, parents, siblings, or my friends, I only give love and seek love

I give out love and it is returned to me multiplied many fold.

The partner I seek is also seeking me. We are brought together now through infinite love, to the satisfaction of all.

By using affirmations that are in arranged with what your Higher Self would desire for you and fix the issues that need healing within you, then you ease the healing process. You will change the way you feel about yourself and your life by reading and saying to yourself positive affirmations. Affirmations help in keeping your thoughts aligned with joy and love instead of coming from a place of sadness, fear or anger. As you read them, they tune into that part of you that believes what you are reading in every way.

Remember that you have so much to bring to the world, so much you tenderness, kindness, and empathy underneath that judgmental side that can appear some times. All along you have been strong, perfect, loved and deeply spiritual.

You have purpose in this life and are loved by our divine creator god. Always treat others as you would like to be treated. Keep good karma flow. Wish you all good luck on practicing these affirmations!

Love and light,


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