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The 5 Stages Of A Twin Flame Journey

Twin flames or sometimes referred to as twin souls are basically the other half of your soul. We all each have a twin flame. Twin flames are 2 souls that were once in the beginning made up from one soul. one soul would represent masculine energy while the other soul would represent the feminine energy. AFTER They were split each soul would go their own way, subconsciously always yearning for their twin, wanting to merge back into one soul and reunite. But before this can happen each soul has a task to complete, either it be to become spiritually enlightened, more whole, balance karma, or gain human experiences.

Twin flames are referred to as "the ultimate of relationships" and they may go through a total of 5 stages before finally merging. Not all twins have to go through these phases and may not even experience all phases or in the direct order, but Here listed are the 5 stages a twin flame may go through.

First Stage: Soul Recognition

The first stage of a twin flame is meeting each other for the first time. This happens unexpectedly or at an unexpected event. There is an deep and instant attraction you feel towards them, and even a sense of "déjà vu" with them, like you've known them before. You two will have many similarities and differences with one another. You also experience the feeling of being complete or you feel as if the other person compliments or completes you. Even, often times you will see certain signs that let you know that you are on the right track such as seeing the numbers 11:11.

Stage 2: Separation

Not long after you fall into a deep and pleasant relationship with your twin. It feels like the perfect relationship but only lasts for a small amount of time (but does get better after.) This is the difficult phase of a twin flame union, this is when they separate. It can be a very painful and heart breaking experience for many of the twin flames.

Stage three: The Running And Chasing Dance

The running and chasing dynamic begins. What can happen is One twin (usually the twin with masculine energy) will run from the other twin (usually it's from the one with feminine energy called to be the "stayer or chaser".) But this can be interchangeable.

The runner runs because they are overwhelmed or has doubt with the connection that they share so they separate from their twin. They start running away from their twin. But not only are they running from their twin but they are actually running from themselves because they are the true reflection of their twin.

So now, The chaser\stayer begins to run after the runner. The chaser\stayer is more aware of this connection, they know that what they hold together is so precious and divine. This may be a very hurtful and difficult stage for the chaser.

This stage is mainly to clean karmic paths between both twins, relinquish codependency and that their behavior is a reflection of what needs healing within them. Thus once this happens the runner will come to a soul shock and stop running.

Fourth Stage The Enlightened Stage

The chaser\stayer must give their twin the free will and space that th ey need to work on their own tasks and karmic lessons (and for themselves as well). The purpose for this stage is to get their unconditional love flowing again.

Fifth Stage: The Reunion, Happily Ever After

They are now finally ready to come to a union. Both twins are fully aware and enlightened of their sacred connection and are ready to come together in harmony. They now join together physically (unless they are not on earth then it happens in the afterlife.) A new energy emerges, this new energy binds together both the ying and yang to develop a third soul. In the end they live happily ever after together. Twin flame's unconditional love is so strong that it can actually help change the world and make it become a better place.

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