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The Meaning of Being Clairvoyant

What is clairvoyant?

Well, originally derived from the French Clair (clear) and voyant (seeing), it is a term describing a psychic who increases a paranormal sense often regarding to the future about a current event, object or person.

Clairvoyance can be said to have the ability for extra sensory perception by which a psychic clairvoyant can interpret objects, persons, and even current events.

Also with the help of some divine spiritual energy, the psychic adapts, the clairvoyant can interpret their sights through visual language.

They can also hear distant sounds that are not accessible to the ears of an ordinary person.

This ability is referred as “clairaudience or also interpreting kinesthetic impressions.” Clairvoyant psychics that can sense a health condition or an even related to health isuess is called clairsentience.

For example, if a patient is having pain or suffering a clairvoyant psychic can sense on this and can even imply the sickness and warn them on steps to protect themselves.

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