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Spring Cleaning and Feng Shui Tips

Spring is finally here and now its time to clear away the untidiness and clutter of our lives so that we can make a new way for growth and improvement for this brand new season! Spring is a season for new beginnings, creativity, new relationships, and achievements.

This new season is encouraging us to do some spring cleaning in all parts of our lives such as houses, offices, studios and even in our diets. We can bring harmony, balance as well as positive energy in our lives by clearing away clutter, reorganizing our space, and letting go of the things that have become useless.

One of the best ways in getting started is by applying feng shui in your life. Feng shui is a Chinese system that was developed over 7,000 years ago. It teaches us that we can live in harmony with ourselves, others, and nature.

In Chinese cultures wind and water are affiliated with good health. Feng means wind and shui means water. So with that said Good feng shui mean good fortune, and bad feng shui mean bad fortune.

Feng shui brings balance in our lives, gets rid of negative energy and brings in positive energy. Anyone who realizes the influence of surroundings on them and wish to live a more positive, prosperous life can greatly benefit from understanding the concept of feng shui.

First Start by clearing away the Clutter in your homes or offices. Clutter is the main cause of trapped energy that blocks its natural flow. Just Like air, energy moves through your home, but when it collides into clutter, it cannot move openly and freely so it then becomes trapped. This Creates stagnate or blocked energy that can make you feel depressed, Stuck, or even upset. This even includes: anything that is unused, disorganized, unfinished projects. or anything that is dirty or dusty. Dirt and dust are the contributors of all negative energy that is piled in corners of rooms.

In feng shui the entry way of your home or office is considered to be the mouth of chi. This is where all your opportunities come in. make sure you can see the entrance from where you are sitting or lying, but are not in direct alignment with the open doorway. Your furniture should also have space from one another. For instance if you have a couch and a table, make sure that they are at least 3 feet apart from each other. This lets the chi energy continue to flow. If not you will never feel truly comfortable in your surroundings and will leave you feeling disempowered.

In feng shui the windows in your home or office represent the mouth and eyes of the inhabitants living in that home or office. The windows can affect your ability to see and communicate with others. So in which cases make sure your windows are kept clean, and operable and not dirty and dusty.

Now is also a great time to start spring cleaning up your diet! Start by eliminating all processed, sugary, and boxed foods in your diet and minimize eating out at fast food restaurants. Instead, fuel your body will whole and natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean pieces of meat, and whole grain breads. Lower your blood sugar in the morning by eating breakfast. This will give you more energy during the day and will keep you from over eating. You will notice a major difference in your life once you have made these changes. You will look and feel much greater.

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