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How To Attract Positive Energy

Building a successful life and self confidence all start with having a positive mindset. Having a positive mindset is having both a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on happiness, and looks at the brighter side of life. With a positive mindset you expect positive results to happen such as happiness, good relationships, wealth, and even good health.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. There can be no other way.” ~ Albert Einstein

This quote by Albert Einstein says it all. Your thoughts are very powerful The things you say, the things you think or do, or even the things you don’t do all produce energy that makes an impact on you and the people around you (positive energy can be contagious). When you produce positive energy you draw more positive situations into your life. It’s like being a magnet for positive things.

Start producing positive energy today! Think about the type of people that truly inspire you, and surround yourself with people who can make you a better person. Also those who will help you accomplish your dreams. It all starts with setting that positive intention. Then our universe will manifest it to help you.


Decide what you want to attract in your life. If you want joy and happiness then start acting more joyful and happy. Start by exercising and eating healthy. Exercise releases those “good mood” endorphins and reduces stress.

Eating Healthy

Adapt to a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins. Foods generously supplied by nature contain all the nutrients that we need. Eating foods that are highly processed, deep fried and commercialized will give feelings of irritability, low energy, increases risks for diseases, and even stresses your liver. Start having a diet rich in mostly whole foods (organic when possible), your mind and body will definitely thank you!

Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

We usually have such an emotional connection to our friends they can greatly affect our personal energy well-being. If your friends tend to be negative, discouraging you from your ideas and dreams, or are always complaining then you need to start drifting away from these friends. You cannot expect positive and good things to happen in your life if you continue to associate with negative energy draining vampires.

Surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you. Appreciate and

cherish the relationships you have with the people that help you to reach your goals, cheer you up, and likewise do the same for others in return. Make it a habit to celebrate other peoples’ success, as well as your own. The more you stay focused on being positive, the more positive people you will attract.

Replacing Negative Thoughts

Whenever a negative thought of any sort pops into your mind, quickly stop and remove this thought. Replace that negative thought with something that’s positive, realistic, and self-affirming. This will help you stay more positive. It will get you into the habit of finding positive in all things, and helps you get in touch with what the things you are telling yourself. Make it a daily practice to love and believe in you. If you can learn to let go of these negative thoughts as well as past issues then you will open the door to many positive opportunities.

So change yourself for the better. Start embracing all that life has to give you. Surround yourself with positive people, and practice these strategies everyday and you can surely expect an abundance of positive outcomes!

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